Get The Swag Back In Your Porch With Wooden Swings!

Are you planning to do up your porch? Well, rather than adding some fancy plants and lights in your porch area, what if you get it embellished with wooden swing sets. Now, here comes the catch! Rather than leaving those wooden swings barren, what if you add a layer of mattress and some cushions to it.

This would convert your swing into a nice resting place. A book and a cup of steaming hot coffee for sunset?

With wooden swings being the choice, one may have a query as to why wood or which variety of wood to choose and so on. Want to have a detailed idea on this? Scroll down and find the answers!

Why go for wood in comparison to other options?

Before one starts their DIY techniques on this swing, one must check out the options available. Apart from wood, there are cane and rope swings available. However, each of these do not match the standards of the wooden one and their tonal quality, build, resistance and artistic level fall short of a wooden one.

Also, wooden swings are easy to maintain and unlike the cane or rope ones, they are less prone to accidents (sudden loosening of rope). Thus, if you are truly looking to give your porch a sleek look – time to deck up some mattress and cushions on those swings and enjoy the view.

Various ideas to set up your wooden swing

Work up your DIY skills – this is the time! Here’s how:

  1. Give a countryside feel

You have a wooden swing on your porch. How about turning it into a countryside atmosphere? How? Tune the colour of the mattress and cushions with that of the wooden base, just keep hue a bit lighter.

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Say, you have a dark brown wooden base (newly polished teak), then the mattress and cushions must be of lighter shade of brown. Now curl up in your mattress laden wooden swing and enjoy a glass of lemonade! Imagine how it would look had it been a rope swing?

  1. The double bonanza

How about jointly hanging two wooden swings? Just place these swings opposite to each other and pile up some mattress on these. If you wish to better the rustic porch like feeling, add a small wooden table in between.

  1. Try out the hanging nest style

Teak wood goes best when you wish to turn your porch into a nest like area. Convert your porch by putting in some potted plants (avoid flowers) and then hang this wooden swing in the midst of it. Keep the colour of the mattress and cushions on the darker side.

Unlike the rope or cane swings, wooden ones will provide an edge to this whole look.

  1. Throw in some colours

What’s the magic of wooden swings if not adorned? In that case, choose a soft coloured mattress and contrast it with bright coloured cushions. Also, get a shawl or two and roll it on the back of this swing to complete the look.

On a passing note – just make sure that the online retail outlet from where you get this wooden swing set must be an authentic one. It should provide you real teak instead of passing on African teak to you.

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