5 Expenses That You Should Consider During Retirement


Retirement is such a big word that for others it may mean the end of the line and it is now time for them to relax and simply enjoy life without work. For some people, it is a brand-new start in order to focus on things they still want to pursue in life. Whatever your thought on retirement may be, the setting or your retirement house is a very important thing that you have to consider during retirement. In this article, we will discuss the possible expenses that you will incur in settling your retirement home.

There are people who look forward to purchase a house and lot with ideal surroundings near to relatives and friends upon retirement. There are also those who settle in their current residencies and invest the money that they can get out of retirement to business ventures instead. People have different views when it comes to spending their retirement money but it is important for them to be aware of the expenses that they should consider with their retirement money.

  1. Expenses from selling. If you think of selling your house or any property upon retirement because you feel that you no longer need them or you are due for an upgrade, keep in mind that there are also expenses that go along with it such as the money that you are going to pay the sales agent working for you. Their commission sits at 5 up to 6 percent of the selling price which could be an outstanding amount if what you are trying to sell is a house or anything major. If you don’t go with sales agents then it would surely take some time before the items get sold. Also, it would take a lot of time and effort to sell your property to buyers by yourself. Aside from paying for sales agents, you would also have to pay for a lawyer who will take care of legalities in order to finalize the purchase of your property.
  2. Expenses from buying. When buying a property there are other expenses that goes along with it aside from the main purchase. Title insurance, tax levies and site inspections would also cost you some money. In case you are trying to purchase an apartment or a condominium unit then you must consider paying for the transfer fee or others call it as the capital fund fee. For better convenience, you can choose to hire a real estate agent whom you can pay to take care of all the processes including the hassles for you in exchange of a small fee. The service fee involved would not amount to much considering the time and effort that you have saved out of the real estate agent’s services to you.
  3. Expenses of moving. There are moving companies who lend their services by helping you transfer your equipment, furniture and belongings from one place to another. Fees for such services vary depending on the company you are working with. Keep in mind that they could have additional charges for boarding pets and other valuables that could be fragile. However, their services can be very convenient for you since you would no longer have to worry about anything else when moving to your new house.
  4. Expenses for renovations and repairs. Even if a house is newly bought, there are always rooms and aspects of it that will need repairs and redesigning that is why you should invest some money for the renovations that are going to be done. You would not want to move into a house that has unfinished upholstery and temporary designs. Some of the expenses may include hiring a carpenter for some carpentry work, plumbing services to fix pipes and faucets and an electrician to fix lighting, wiring and other things involving the house’s electrical circuit.
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There could be other expenditures aside from the ones mentioned above that is why you also have to save some money for these overlooked expenses aside from the money that you have saved for the listed expenses. Once you have settled in your retirement house then all of these expenses will already be paid and none of them are recurring except for utility bills and grocery expenses.

Retirement is not the End but a New Start:

These expenses are mandatory and should be considered once you are already nearing retirement. You would not want to be caught off-guard of such expenses because you are only targeting the main prize of your retirement which is the house and lot purchase yet you tend to overlook the other expenses that goes along with it. Once you are aware of the small expenses like buying a terry towelling bathrobe to large expenses as mentioned above then you can already start to budget your retirement money beforehand.

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