When Should you Consider Availing a Personal Loan?

Personal Loans are the best means of financing when individuals face a sudden need for cash. Moreover, the fact that a Personal Loan can fund diverse requirements makes it an even more popular financing alternative when compared to others.

Also, these loans are unsecured; meaning, borrowers need not pledge any asset with their lenders for securing a Instant Personal Loan. Hence, applicants do not have to worry about losing their assets, in cases of default.

In addition to this, non-attachment of collaterals reduces the total time taken for disbursal of the loan. Consequently, Personal Loans become convenient sources of finance for individuals.

Lenders offer such loans at easy terms and conditions, with minimal Personal Loan documents, and a disbursal turnaround time of less than 24 hours after approval. What’s more, they provide pre-approved offers to the existing customers. Besides Personal Loans, these are applicable on business loans, EMI financing, and a plethora of other financial products.

However, the central question still stands, when must an applicant consider opting for a Personal Loan? Here are a few scenarios in which prospects can turn to these advances as viable financing alternatives.

1.Debt consolidation

Prospects can apply for Personal Loan in case they’re struggling with multiple credit lines. Personal Loans are an effective means of bringing several debts under one umbrella.

By using the loan amount for debt consolidation, prospects also end up improving their credit score.

2.Medical emergencies

At times, individuals might face sudden medical emergencies. Personal Loans can prove to be viable financing alternatives in those situations too. Plus, there might be circumstances in which a health insurance cover cannot suffice. A Personal Loan acts as the most readily available source of finance in such cases.


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Weddings are events that require a considerable financial involvement. Furthermore, as the main event draws closer, the need for emergency cash rises. This, once again, makes Personal Loans an essential means of securing financial support for weddings.

4.Home improvement

Individuals can also avail Home Renovation Loan for renovating their ancestral home. They can even borrow these advances while buying decorative essentials for their newly-acquired dwellings. As both the cases need lump sum funds, Personal Loans can readily cater to those requirements.

5.Business funding

Entrepreneurs running small and medium scale businesses can opt for these advances after meeting Personal Loan eligibility to fund their trades. Such loans can efficiently bridge short-term financial gaps. Also, they can excellently serve emergency cash requirements, thereby, allowing them to deal with liquidity crisis.

But since businessmen in these situations are availing Personal Loans on their credit ratings, they also need to ensure that they can make timely repayments. For that, they might use a Personal Loan EMI calculator.

These calculators allow individuals to gauge their prospective EMI repayments based on various principal amounts and loan tenures. Accordingly, they can decide upon their borrowings based on the results.

Are there any other factors that prospects must think of before applying for a Personal Loan?

Applicants must take care of a few essentials before finally opting for Personal Loans.

i.They must consider their credit scores. Prospective applicants must have CIBIL scores higher than or equal to 750. Plus, good CIBIL ratings help customer acquires better interest rates.

ii.Applicants must also consider the gravity of their situation and their repayment abilities.

Prospects must assess themselves on these necessary parameters, check with a loan calculator and then apply for Personal Loans.

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