Best Places Croatia Has To Offer

Tourism can be one of the best means of relaxation if the destination turns out to be worth your while. Amongst a variety of places, we consider must-see countries in Europe is the Republic of Croatia. Located in the Eastern part of the continent and covering roughly 55,975 square kilometers of land and 620 square kilometers of water, it is ranked as the 128th largest nation in the world.

Its capital, Zagreb is the, by all means, the capital and largest city in Croatia. Its rich history stems as far back as the 11th century when its name was originally recorded. Zagreb may be the capital of Croatia but, it does not have the same tourist reputation as Dubrovnik which is such a sight to behold that it was listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

To its pride, Croatia has a number of key places that have and will always be tourist destinations for enthusiastic and adventurous tourists. Some parts of Dubrovnik you cannot afford to miss include the Lovrijenac Fortress characterized by its over-arching seawalls, the Pearl of Adriatic which is undoubted, one of Croatia’s most visited locations and the peak of Mount Srd which is best accessed by cable cars because they offer the best view of the Croatian landscape.

The eye-feast continues on to someplace between Dubrovnik and Split where lies a town called Makarska. Its most admired ambiance is further amplified with the wealth of beaches, resorts and a harbor situated around Mount Biokovo, suitable for both alone and family trip. If you are a lover of the water-side, then you will absolutely fall in love with the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This Croatia property is made up of beautiful lakes, flowing waterfalls and an array of mountains housed by forests. It will interest you to know that the park has 16 inter-connected lakes and travertine dams that make up its aesthetic features.

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Enjoy a host of activities such as hiking to water rafting when you visit Split. Having mentioned its closeness to Makarska, you can tell it costs nothing less than 2,000 tourists each season. For lovers of wildlife, we urge you to watch out for the brown bears as this part of Croatia has become highly habitable to them. The enchanting Peljesac Peninsula is the wine-tasting destination in Croatia, it will be rather unappealing to realize you missed such an unforgettable experience, especially if you are an ardent lover of wines.

Effortlessly fascinating is what is referred to as the heartbeat of Northern Istrian Peninsula called Rovinj. It is a traditional fishing village, it is a serene location away from the hustle and bustle of the south. Quite different in terms of its serenity is the Mljet National Park which has a wide expanse of greenery, forests, lakes and shaded lagoons. Outdoor activities here include hiking, biking, and exquisite local food!

Croatia is a classical city of sorts and will be the ultimate experience for you and your family this summer. There are so many commonly-known tourist attractions in Europe that you may be targeting to visit next holidays, but, we implore you to enlist Croatia as one of those places to earn yourself a most fulfilling tourist experience. Unlike the overly visited parts of Europe such as the Eiffel Tour & Notre Dame in France, these sort of distinct locations offers the best travel and leisure you are looking for in a vacation.

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