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Best App for People to Locate Their Families in Hajj

Hajj Hackathon 2018 held in Saudi Arabia was a successful event. Apart from the sign safety recognition app made by the young girls of Saudi Arabia. If dwelled in the past, this annual gathering of Hajj has been through a lot of safety hassle. This year, the authorities had listed down all their questions and asked the young software developers to suggest solutions to avoid the hassles of the huge gathering. The gathering almost holds up to 2 million. In order to accommodate a maximum number of pilgrims, there is an expansion project going on for years and is in a progressive stage.

Hajj is one of the largest crowd of Muslims and requires a lot of management. Handling a large number of people at the place that has less capacity is not that easy. There are strategies but now technology is also required to sort out most of the problems during it. Out of the problems like hygiene, understanding of road signs, accommodations, there is one that pilgrims face a lot. The ratio of lost people gets worse at the times. Many families get parted and then they are unable to locate their beloved ones.

Introducing The ‘Virtual Leash’ – App for Locating Your Families in Hajj

Pilgrims from all over the world were facing problems during the journey of Hajj and one of them is locating your relative in the crowd. As there is a huge number of people and in the same clothing, it is hard to find a lost family member or friend in the pool of people. Well, the problem has been sorted out as 2 of the Pakistani developers paired with other 2 Asian students have introduced the best app to locate their families during the journey of Hajj.

Muslims holy travel is one of the first resource breaking out this news and informing you about this useful application. It is worked with Bluetooth and wristbands to locate the exact location of your family members. This virtual leash was used as the key finder and now it is also used in the world’s largest gathering of Hajj.

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As far you are concerned about the safety of your relatives, the first priority is to know their location. This application will help you found a lost member within seconds. The purpose of this application is to make the Hajj easy for pilgrims. We all know that the journey requires a lot of struggle already. So, in this case, nobody wants to lose their sanity over the matter. That’s why authorities have gathered up with the software developers to build up easy solutions for the problems that occur during the Hajj.

This Hackathon of 2018 has broken all the records of the past. It was one of the gatherings of software developers who have suggested and built the most brilliant solutions for handling the crowd of Hajj. This pool of people from all over the world could be managed easily by the authority and these applications will helps pilgrims to stay connected with family all the time.

However, Muslims Holy travel is helping their pilgrims from the UK to get these gadgets along before going for your Hajj tour. Hajj is the obligation and it requires all your focus for the spirit of the journey. So, surrender yourself to Allah Almighty for your own benefits. Usage of the gadgets and especially virtual leash will make your journey most feasible for you and your family. This is the time to perform your obligation without getting interrupted by the hassles of the journey.

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