4 Features of the Hologram Technology That Help in Increasing Product Authenticity

Do you run a product-based business? If you are in the e-commerce industry, you will be aware of the extent of duplicity and fraudulence that happen over a product. Hence, it is essential for you to prove your ownership over your products most effectively. You need to make sure that all your products have a sign of authentication which makes your product stand out as yours amongst the customers. But at the same time, you must make sure that the mere chance of imitation is not a possibility. You need to safeguard all your products from any kind of tampering. That is why the best solution for you will be using a hologram sticker or label. This is both a form of identification and at the same time, acts as a shield from any kind of imitation.

There are plenty of companies in India which have a hologram printer and can produce such holographic labels and stickers for the protection of your products. You must make sure that you check the experience and expertise of the company offering you these services before taking a decision. Are you thinking how can these stickers and labels using the hologram technology can help your brand? Well, here we have put together a few major features of these labels and stickers using the hologram technology which can help. Take a look.

  • Color Coded Form of Security

The hologram have a chromatic nature or possess a tint or hue on the color prism. So, this gives the business owners an endless possibility of designing and at the same time, it will help you to add various levels of security to your labels in a discreet manner.

  • Changing Color in the Light

The color coding in these kinds of labels using the hologram technology will change as you move it around in this light. This will serve as an additional level of protection for your products. No one will be able to imitate this color in the sticker or label applied on your products to showcase your authenticity or ownership on the brand.

  • Brand Exclusive

A hologram sticker may not reflect a rare light pattern if you don’t wish for it. You might create any variation of custom photos or stock photos integrated into the sticker. This will enhance the appearance of the hologram and make it exclusive for your brand. This indicates that if someone tries to imitate and access the hologram, they cannot do so and breach your security.

  • Tampering Protection

Another very common feature that counterfeiters make the fake stickers or labels is by using the real ones as their template. They can remove a picture from the label and replace it with their own. It can also be done with numerical data. But if you have the holographic labels, this can be effectively prevented with a unique tamper protection technology. However, if you notice inconsistency in the hologram, it is a sign of tampering and should not be ignored.

So, if you are impressed with these and want to invest in the hologram stickers or any other self-adhesive label, you should look for a printing company in India.

Author Bio: Jayanti Bhattacharya s, a regular blogger on hologram stickers, hot stamping foil, or self-adhesive label, here writes on 4 features of holographic technology for which you should hire a company with a hologram printer and get your brand labels.

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