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Instagram & Fashion Marketing Tips

Instagram has completely revolutionized the fashion marketing landscape. So much so that we have witnessed how the renowned Council of Fashion Designers of America had made the surprise announcement that the recipient for its Media Award in 2015 was Instagram and not any photographer, editor, or writer. This was pretty astonishing but this is just an instance that demonstrates how Instagram has become a crucial and an integral part of fashion marketing.

Instagram & Its Impact on Fashion Designers & Fans

This visual platform’s impact on the fashion world has been considered really influential. Instagram has played a pivotal role in giving fashion enthusiasts the ability to seamlessly share content and enjoy the posts like never before. Today, fashion designers and fashion houses could actively interact with their target audiences by sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of their workplace or fashion shows in progress. Today, fashion aficionados are given the opportunity to experience and enjoy exclusive fashion shows and events without having to attend them physically. They can peep into the lives of all their favorite fashion designers and fashion gurus.

Instagram & Fashion Editors

Thanks to Instagram, many fashion editors and writers do not any longer have the urgency to be present in fashion shows live. They could catch up with the fashion events sitting relaxed from the privacy of their home or office on Instagram Live. It is important for fashion brands to leverage the Instagram platform as Instagram pictures are assuming the role of gateways to the various e-commerce sites. If you are not harnessing the power and vitality of this platform, you would be losing the golden opportunity of boosting revenue and driving qualified traffic to the web pages. Moreover, you could contact reputed companies so that you could buy real Instagram likes.

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We know that Instagram has immensely impacted the fashion marketing scenario. Here are some impactful fashion marketing trends.

Online and Offline Fashion Events Are Merging into One

Let us explore the pivotal role of Instagram in promoting fashion shows. Fashion designers are promoting hashtags all through their fashion shows for encouraging audiences and motivating them to share pictures and engage on the popular social media platforms. This is an effective way of keeping fans and followers engaged with your brand, it also serves as a wonderful way of keeping bloggers and reporters, who are not attending the show, updated on how the show is shaping up.

Picture-Oriented Blogs Are Making Waves

For a long time, retail marketers have used blogs as an effective medium for providing audiences with a specific perspective much beyond the stuff they sell. However, with the advent and growing popularity of Instagram during the last few years or so, there has been a definite shift in the kind of content that is posted on blogs. In the currently Instagram dominated scenario, blogs are more visual-centric instead of being text-based.


Instagram has completely radicalized the fashion marketing scenario. Today, fashion retailers are harnessing the power of this popular social media platform and using fan pictures or User Generated Content directly into their own e-commerce websites for attracting more traffic and boosting conversions. Instagram proves to be immensely beneficial to luxury brands. By using smart user-generated content these brands would become more relatable and approachable.

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