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Best Car Buying Tips For 2017 : Auto Buying Guide For New And Used Vehicles

10 best car buying tips

 Auto Buying Guide For New And Used Vehicles10 best car buying tips

This could be the year of finally driving your own car. Have you spent any time on planning this major purchase yet? Buying a car or vehicle, whatever it is made and model is second most expensive purchase after a house. Well, to most people anyway. Decisions on buying a personal vehicle can take many weeks or even months. Preferences change, and new attractions tempt. Eyes and current checking account need to cancel out each other for a thoroughly satisfying car buying experience. After all, you are planning to be noticed in it at least for some making a personal social statement!

Do you need a few tips to make your decisions process easier? Tips on what all will affect and eventually go into making a right decision. No regrets once you are committed, right? Roll on…

A few important things to consider are budget, new/used/buy/lease, make and model, sticker price, ownership costs, and auto finance. Know invoice prices and negotiations before discussing discounts. Have prior knowledge of discounts available. Unhurried test drive. Lastly, negotiating what you finally pay out.

Covering all these bases is important for a first time purchase. Second-time buyers just need to get ready to relinquish their older vehicle if they use it as a trade-in.


Sticking to your financial budget will make your car purchase plan successful. You will face no problems in its repayment schedule. Do not be swayed by a pricey car just introduced if cannot afford to overspend on your budget.

Buying new / used or leasing

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Certified pre-owned cars could be attractive. Imagine you have set your heart on driving an otherwise expensive, unaffordable make and model. CPO is the answer. Be careful of lease terms and penalties.

Make and model

Car buyers deliberate extensively on features they want and appreciate. You may have to settle for best combinations. Missing one or two features for financial security is better than any risks involved.

Ownership costs

Means what your vehicle is actually worth based on fuel on the number of annual miles and car insurance. If you own one or more cars, their total expenditures should not exceed 25 percent of household income. These include monthly car payments, gasoline, insurance, repairs, and maintenance.

Car loans

Community credit unions, banks are a better bet than auto finance at a car dealership. Pre approved car loans put you in driver’s seat to negotiate a great auto deal at car dealerships. Lender and dealers may lose car financing profits and try to push extras to cover up. Turn them down. Zero percent or low-interest-rate deals automakers offer may be tempting but less than 10 % car buyers qualify.

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