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What is the Perfect time to sell your Old Car

Sell old cars

“I need to sell my car fast” but sellers who ask this query needs to know that there is a specific and right time to sell a car. At the perfect time, their car will be sold quickly and for good cash. However, if sellers are unaware of this fact, they may suffer no successful sale or less value for their vehicle.

The perfect and best time to sell a used car when it gets better resale value has multiple factors. These important factors determine the right time to sell a car, whether I need to sell my car fast or I need to sell my car for cash, keeping these factors in mind helped me n other sellers. Mainly, there are three factors which include personal preferences of car sellers, market trends and condition of that vehicle which needs to be sell. If any of these factors are assessed correctly, the sellers asking, “I need to sell my car fast” will be able to initiate the sale and get a good price for it.

Learn more about the best times when a person realises that I need to sell my car and upgrade to a better vehicle.

Your Car is Functioning

It matters a lot that the vehicle you are trying to sell is functional and is giving better performance. As it becomes easy to be sold and you can convince potential buyers to buy that vehicle right away. If a vehicle is not in good condition and then buyers will deduct the price for the repairing cost or they will simply walk away.

If your car has started showing signs of constant repair, then it is the time that you need to sell car fast before it does not get any resale value.


There is a rule of thumb that a car must be sold when it has hit the mileage of 100,000 miles. Because after that it could get performance related issues. When a car is driven for 60,000 miles, it can be sold at good resale value. Car’s mileage has a great impact on resale value of your vehicle. It is a buyer’s phenomenon that if mileage is more than 100,000 miles, its prices should be decreased.

Also, if a car’s warranty expires, its price will also be reduced as there is no warranty coverage. However, cars after 60,000 miles could face repair and replacement work required for the vehicle, adding some extra expenses in your monthly bill. This is the right time to sell your vehicle, as it can be sold fast when in good condition.

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High Repair Costs

Better to get rid of your car before facing any major repair bills. Every vehicle has some warning signs to tell that it is going to collapse soon. Usually, after 70,000 miles car transmission starts to fail, leading to car repairs. It is advised by the car experts realise that it is needed to sell their car when you start getting excessive repair costs.

Also, there are many social media platforms dedicated to vehicles, where users share their experiences and can warn other car owners to suffer from same car related problems. This also helps to analyse at what stage your car could get the same issues and after seeing similar signs, sell it.

Lack of Fuel Efficiency

Every mile your car is driven it costs you money, from gas to maintenance and insurance. When your car stops showing good fuel efficiency and consumes fuel more than it actually should, it means your vehicle is not in a good condition. This is the right time to sell your car, and when sellers ask “I need to sell my car fast” they should look for ways which can give them quick cash. After specific mileage, not only you have to pay more for using the vehicle but also its value will be depreciating.

Market Trends

Every car market has some market trends, which are changing by the time. It is a known fact that family cars, SUVs and compact cars are always in demand. Whereas, luxury cars and convertibles do not have a huge market. If you have one such car which is at the risk of not being in demand after some years, and you will get nothing out of the sale, better to sell it. Else, such car sellers are left with no option to sell it at very low prices or keep them and bear more loss.


Car selling seems a dauntless task thus many car sellers prefer not to sell a car. When I need to sell my car, the option of car buying specialist gave me the right and convenient platform to sell my old car quickly and for cash. This way sellers can get more money for their car and get a new one without any hassle and loss.

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