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Graphic Designing – Scope of Career In Future

Graphic Designing

Before we speak about the prospects in graphic designing as a career, let us first understand the basics of it. Let’s clarify about what is the role of a graphic designer actually, what do they do?

We all know about communication and the means to fulfil the objective of each communication activity. Advertising, branding, logos, etc. are some of the ways one brand or an individual can communicate with one another. For example, in terms of advertising, your advertisement is a message to the audience with an objective to send a message, a message to buy the product or service.

The graphic designer over here plays an important role, because he/she is the one who has the entire control of the message you want to reach out with. A graphic designer is someone who has the skill of identifying the detail of the image, the perception the understand the view, knowledge about how different colours will look like, how the design will balance perfectly with the text, colours and the design elements, etc. It is also understood that if the designer has a little understanding about marketing, will be more beneficial for them. Since, the marketer or the marketing communications resource will make the designer understand the message and motive of it but will not advise them how to design. I guess, we have spoken enough about it.

What tools they work on? Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, After Effects, etc. well I have heard of these many. There must be many of course. Now let’s

Companies who deal in advertisements, printing, web designing, mobile app development look out for designers who have the skill to design beautifully looking images. So while writing this I found about designing software like Gimp, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Blend and of course the ones I mentioned above. To get hands on these platforms, a person has to gain that much experience, he has to work in and out these tools and learn each tool and its usage. There is one thing you should understand that there is high demand for experienced designers rather than an amateur one. My advice will be that in the initial stage join a company without focusing on earning, but focusing on learning. The more you learn the better you get the hang of the tools. In this world, where startups are found in every second lane, you can easily fit in a job as a newbie. Eventually after 3-4 years you will start earning fairly well and demand for a raise when you approach the next company.

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Understand one thing, working in a reputed firm – like an IT company where there are 400+ employees your work is a little distributed. Whereas when you work in a startup, you work with an authority, there are less people to work with, there are less minds to deal with, so that becomes a little difficult but it is way more fun. On the other hand, I will also say that working in a big company will help you to be a part of a huge team and meeting with experts over there will enhance your quality of designing, remember learning shouldn’t be stopped. Therefore, we can understand that graphic designer with a good amount of experience is better. Always work as a team, this will let you understand how different people think. Understand their perception and evaluate how your client will react when they see your design. There will be a phase where even after you achieve good experience, your career might get stagnant. Unless you have a really creative mind, you will stay there.

If you are planning to study and work abroad, then obviously the scope is much higher than that in India. I know this might be a little diplomatic but designing can also be taken as a work where an individual can be an expert or a team can excel.

So, what about the salary?

A survey has shown that the salary of a graphic designer is between 4-5 lacs per annum, but that too after 6 years of experience. It is observed that people still struggle for job security and satisfaction.

Salaries for this job rise steadily for experienced workers but one with more than 10-15 years will see a high jump in their salary slips. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Illustration, Adobe Acrobat, Web Design, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Flash Animation. Though many cities in India have seen a major growth in the IT sector, there is still no big improvement in the infrastructure for designers. Employees in Bengaluru have said that the job is very satisfying the company too, understand their value. The problem with the infrastructure is everywhere. However, it is difficult to believe that the situation will be same in every state.

Well, that’s all about and thank you for reading. If you feel that there is anything you feel like sharing, please let fill it in the comments. If you have questions about your career, do ask, I will do my best to suggest you.

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