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What Are The Benefits Of Liferay DXP Development?

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The 21st century is all about technologies and its rapid growth which benefited the human beings on the race of progress. The internet stuff and online things are the main features of this era. As a result, the Midas touch of technology can be seen everywhere. If you are started growing a career or business online and want to make it your profession then a solid web platform is definitely a vital requirement and here comes Liferay.

What is Liferay?

The very well-known word Liferay is basically a platform for your web development. It is an open source and free enterprise portal which plays a vital role in corporate extranet and internet and also used as a web application framework or a content management framework. It customizable and provides everything to your site to run on the desktop, smartphones or anywhere. By providing all of the standard applications, Liferay portal makes sure that your site works smooth and snappy. Based on the portal, the famous liferay portal systems development is bliss for modern tech enthusiasts.

What is DXP?

DXP stands for digital experience platform. A Liferay platform is solid, reliable, customizable, fully featured, latest technology applied, user-friendly interface, a positive step towards the future of the site and has tremendous success record. The easy to use Liferay development framework is famous for strong web presence everywhere. The term DXP got a lot of attention in recent years and the concept comes from fulfilling the digital needs for the customers and that is the one and only goal of it. It is a platform for digital experience with the help of an integrated software framework. Many organizations and business companies use dxp liferay to build, expand, and improve digital experiences like websites, portals, mobile apps, and others.

liferay dxp development

Practical use of Liferay

Building a website, making solid and fewer buggy apps for computers and smartphones, providing various portals where the online presence of your small, medium or large business will be very strong and in many other areas the Liferay DXP development is a necessity. The famous framework is responsible for the good experience on the web. The use of digital stuff is increasing day by day and with the help of liferay solutions, the experience becomes much easier and you can use it according to your own.

Role of a Liferay DXP developer

The Liferay portal is definitely customizable but it is really tough to do it unless you are an expert. The person who can customize this open source portal to produce the desired portal site, can be called a Liferay DXP developer and hiring a developer for your site and strong web presence, is a very fruitful idea. A Liferay DXP developer should know various skills such as the architecture, understanding the product, tech stack like JAVA, J2EE, web servers, OSGI, and others, how to customize the products in different ways like plugging, hooks, modules, extensions, components. And above all of that, liferay consulting company must know the minute details of Liferay development and has some experience on this platform.

So now you know the basic knowledge of Liferay and Liferay DXP development and why it plays a vital role in your web presence which may prove very profitable later. Start thinking about it and hire the developer without any second thought.

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