Mortgage Loan without Down Payment is Beneficial for Homeowners – Know How

These days, homeowners who are unable to save up enough money for down payment, can still get loans where they need not make any down payment. Even in case if they have to, the amount is negligible indeed. There are several options for such people and if you are one of them as well then these words are for you. The VA loan is one of the top names when it comes to no down payment loans in the United States of America (USA). In fact, given the condition of most people in the USA it is expected that mortgage loan without down payment would become more popular a few years down the line.  

These loans are offered by VA (Department of Veterans Affairs). In these cases you are guaranteed a no down payment mortgage but you need to have served the USA armed forces in some capacity or the other and you would also have to qualify for these loans. In fact, if you are on active duty now you can apply for these loans as well. The same also goes for certain members of the National Guard and Reserves. As far as the no down payment mortgage programs in the USA are concerned these are the very best.

Home loan without down payment

The VA loans can also be originated by private lenders and they are guaranteed by the VA as well. However, there is no question of mortgage insurance in case of these loans. When you borrow these loans you pay a funding fee that is included into the loan amount. The amount of funding fee that you pay the VA tends to vary on the basis of whether you are going to use it to buy a home or build one. In spite of that, the VA loan can be called the best home loan without down payment in the USA.

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A lot also depends on the amount of down payment that you are able to make as well as your activity status – active service or past service. Is it the first VA loan you have taken or have you taken ones earlier as well? For more information on getting a mortgage without a down payment, please visit

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