The Most Amazing National Parks Of Europe

The geographical diversity of the landscape of Europe has given rise to a large number of natural wonders that range from breathtaking waterfalls to spellbinding canyons and lush green forests. Each natural habitat of this continent is home to unique flora and fauna and displays enchanting scenery throughout the year. This natural diversity of Europe can be best witnessed at the numerous national parks that dot the continent. Here is a list of some of the most amazing national parks of Europe that offer various stunning sights to the travelers.

Triglav National Park (Slovenia)

Home to the highest peak of Slovenia, Mount Triglav, the Triglav National Park is one of the largest national parks in Europe and one of the most mesmerizing too. This park has a largely mountainous terrain, with gorges, lakes, and canyons adding to the majesty of the tall peaks. Facilities are available for a number of adventure sports, such as rafting, kayaking, and hiking. In the winter, the slopes of the Julian Alps get covered by a carpet of snow, which makes the mountains perfect for skiing. The park is also an excellent place to gain more knowledge about Slovenian wildlife.

Samaria Gorge National Park (Greece)

The most popular attraction of the island of Crete in Greece is the majestic Samaria Gorge that is 16kms long and varies in altitude from a height of more than 1200 meters at the entrance to the sea level on the shores of the Libyan Sea. The Samaria Gorge National Park is most frequented by hiking enthusiasts who follow the trail from the rocky slopes to the beach, admiring the endemic species of animals and birds on the way. Once you make your way to the end of the trail, you can enjoy a picnic under the trees by the beach and can explore the rustic village of Agia Roumeli.

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Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany)

If you wish to admire the untamed glory of nature then head over to the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany. This national park exhibits the magnificence of wilderness in the form of sprawling forests of spruce, fir, and beech trees. Together with its neighbor, the Bohemian Forest, this national park forms the largest contiguous stretch of forest in Central Europe. The park has several hiking trails but one of the unique experiences that it offers is the tree-top walk on an elevated walkway. During the colder months, this park is also a popular venue for winter sports such as skiing.

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

Although Croatia has several national parks that bear unique natural treasures, the Plitvice Lakes National Park stands out from the rest due to its 16 turquoise blue lakes that are connected by waterfalls. The water of the lakes is rich in minerals, which leads to the formation of natural dams due to the deposition of minerals. Pristine greenery encircles these crystalline lakes and wooden walkways are provided to enjoy the gurgling waterfalls from up close. You can spend hours enjoying the idyllic scenery of this delightful national park, with clouds of butterflies fluttering overhead. Needless to mention, Plitvice Lakes is a must-see location for anyone who decides to spend their vacation in Croatia.

These spectacular national parks are the pride of Europe because they have managed to preserve the natural elegance of the continent in the face of urbanization. If you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern lifestyle then a trip to these natural havens is a must.

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