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Monitor child’s Facebook activity with TOS Live screen share

Monitor child's Facebook activity with TOS Live screen share

The social networking apps these days are popular activities for young kids and teens. Over the years the social media apps have provided plenty of features to the users that attract the users no time ever before. The social messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Vine, and plenty of others alike can be downloaded easily from the apps store when the cell phone device is connected to the internet. Since the cell phone technology has come within the cheap rates, even the young teenagers have got their hands on these contemporary tech-creatures. They use instant messengers for text messages, for making calls whether it is audio or video, shared media files such as photos and videos and VOIP calls as well. Teens activities on the social media sometimes put them in a real danger and the parents want to monitor their social messaging apps. Facebook is one the most famous digital media apps these days and what should the parent do to view the activities of teen on mighty Facebook messenger spy.

Why monitor child Facebook activities?

Obviously when young children spend most of their time on the Facebook social messaging app, then parents have to think what they really do on the social networking app. Finally when they realize that the messenger can put them into the situation in which they can cause serious issues in their lives. There are following factors that can force any parents to monitor the child Facebook activities.


Over the years since the social messaging apps to the general public, the online bullies are very active on the social media apps, especially on the Facebook messenger. The online bullies always chase young kids and teens to humiliate them. Because they are the soft targets for the bullies online and they use sexual and abusive language that hurts the children badly. They send sexually explicit content to the children and label them with the content. Ultimately, the young kids and teens may get depressed, anxiety and start living lonely. The real-life bullying and online bullying has the same effects on the young children. So, the parents have to adopt TOS cyberbullying protection tips to monitor child’s activities on social media.

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Child Abusers:

They are one of the most dangerous people that always make young children to their sexual victims. They are available on the Facebook messenger and even on the other online media platforms. They visit the profiles of the young kids and teens on the Facebook and start making a conversation with a friend initially. After that, they make young children their friend and get their detail such living address and then suddenly visit the place where a target child is living and then abuse them and nobody gets to know who actually did this evil. Most of the time abused children never discuss it with the parents at all.

Blind dating:

Young kids even that hardly step into their teen’s age dramatically using the Facebook messenger for dating and there will be chances they may get trapped by some online predator and get harmed.

Obsession with the social app:

Obviously, when children spend all the time on the Facebook messenger in texting, calls, VOIP calls, sharing photos, videos to the friends online at the end they get obsessed with the Facebook messenger to the fullest. They can never live happily and don’t spend time in the real life with the friends and family members.

Health issues:

The Facebook obsession and spending all the day long on the social messaging app and at the end of the day young children may get health issues such as obesity, muscle issues, sleeping disorders and plenty of others alike.

Use TOS live screen share:

The cell phone spying app is the world’s most powerful monitoring software that allows the user to track the activities of kids and teens on the social messaging apps. Let’s use the live screen sharing of the TOS spy 360 live screen share. It allows the user to spy on all the activities children have performed on their social media accounts such as Facebook. A user can send the push notification on the target cell phone gadget and once it is been received to the device the screen of the phone live broadcast on the online control panel of the TOS  cell phone tracking spyware. Now user just has to login into web portal of the spying app and can view live all the activities of children when the Facebook messenger is activated on the screen of the phone.

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