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What do Flowers Symbolize at a Funeral?

Flowers Symbolize

Different flowers have completely varying meanings when it comes to funerals. We bring flowers to a funeral mainly to comfort the family and honor the dead.

You convey a slightly different message depending on which type of flower you bring with you. You can use more than one species in a single arrangement, but you should still learn what each of them means.

It is important that we all learn what individual flowers symbolize so that we can give our intended message to the recipients of the flowers.

In this article, we’ll explain the basic meaning behind some common funeral flowers to give you a better idea of what flowers actually symbolize at a funeral. If you would like to send the right message to help comfort your friend or family member in their time of loss, then read on.


Roses are one of the most common Toronto funeral flowers. However, there are only certain types that are applicable as the others are for happier times.

A dark red rose expresses sadness in the loss of someone dear to your heart. However, it also symbolizes your love for that person and offers a means to remember and cherish it. The basic meaning is that you are sad to have lost the person while also cherishing every moment you had with them in life.

A yellow rose shows how close you were to the deceased. You should use yellow roses if you had a strong bond of friendship with the departed during their life.

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A dark pink rose expresses your gratefulness toward all that the deceased did for you throughout your life. Even if they weren’t in your life for long, so long as they had an impact on it at any point makes you eligible to use these roses.


Hydrangeas show how you will miss the deceased greatly. It displays emotional extremes meaning you are saying you’ll miss them as much as any family member. You would only use this kind of flower at a funeral if you knew the deceased very well.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies signify exactly what you’d expect. Their purpose is to enforce the innocence and rebirth of the deceased. The main idea is that the soul has moved from the tough, complicated world that we know into the next one, whatever that may be.


The Hyacinth flower holds a great many emotions to it. Typically, the meaning of these flowers involves a heavy set of emotions, often described as anguish. For a person of faith, it can also mean that you’re sending out daily prayers for the deceased and their family.

Every flower symbolizes something different. The flowers we’ve mentioned are just four of thousands of flowers fit for a funeral. When you consider buying flowers, make sure you learn their exact meaning beforehand. You can do some research or simply ask a florist!

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