5 Timeless Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

There’s no better way to express your love for your special someone on your anniversary than by surprising her with a bouquet of flowers. Women are delighted with flowers making them feel special. Since not everyone gets the privilege of receiving an elaborate bouquet, women can appreciate your thoughts and actions by buying them this gift. Although they wither and die after a few days, they matter a lot. The mere memory of receiving them remains in the minds and hearts of its receiver.

But did you know that every flower has a representation when it comes to your anniversary milestone? Yes, you shouldn’t just pick whatever you want. Even their colors have a special meaning too! So if you are hunting for the best flower gift, here’s a guide that can help you pick the right one for your wife.

1. Carnations. Nothing can beat the sweetness of carnations! Available in a wide range of charming colors, carnations symbolize affection, admiration, love, and strength. It has been used even during ancient Greece as ceremonial crowns for momentous celebrations. These days, carnations are used in making lovely bouquets and are best given to your special someone for your first-year celebration of being together.

2. Lilies. The bell-shaped beauty of lilies represents loyalty, commitment, purity, and virtue. It also comes in different gorgeous colors wherein each one has a corresponding symbolism. Pink lilies stand for prosperity and abundance while red lilies bring the feeling of strong passion. It is also associated with rebirth and motherhood making it a perfect choice for a mother. These tropical-looking flowers are ideal for your 2nd and 30th wedding anniversary.

3. Daisies. “He loves me, he loves me not,” these are the words you can hear from a maiden plucking the petals of a daisy to predict how their man feels towards them. But of course, your fate doesn’t really depend on a flower. However, this lovely bunch of flowers, which comes in various colors, is a good gift for your 5th year together since it represents purity, hope, innocence, and fidelity. Giving a bunch of daisies will express your pure love and loyalty to your wife.

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4. Daffodils. If you are in a strong relationship that already lasted 10 years, then go ahead and buy a bouquet of daffodils. This is the best flower to give as you bring back sweet memories after being together for 10 long years. It symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings which may mean that you are eager to have a stronger and sweeter relationship with your wife. It is a good way of expressing your desire to be with her for the next years to come.

5. Roses. Of course, the top choice of both men and women when it comes to flowers are roses. Even a single rose already means a lot. How much more if you give a box or a basket of roses! It is the most romantic flower which is associated with the goddess of love both in Roman and Greek mythology. Symbolizing passion and romance, roses are best given as a 15th anniversary wedding gift. But it appears that this is everyone’s favorite whatever is the celebration.

Beautifully arranged flowers are one of the best gifts that a woman can receive. But floral gifts are nicer if you try to mix and match it with other items that your partner will love. However, you need to bear in mind that wedding anniversary gifts are just material things and what really matters most is your love and loyalty for each other.

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