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Trends for Latest Fashion in India

latest Indian Fashion Trends for women

Trends for Latest Fashion in India

The Indian fashion industry is a glamorous one with thousands of years of tradition behind it. The fashion industry is growing rapidly. The Indian Fashion Week is gaining popularity with each passing year. Fashion in India is a fusion of traditional Indian wear along with western contemporary style. The latest fashion in India for men and women involves more of Indo Western styles.

The latest Indian Fashion Trends for women

Indian women like to experiment with the traditional wear. Be it a saree or a lehenga choli, we need to try them all. The following are the latest fashion wear trending in India:

  1. 1. Single shoulder top with a long skirt:

Get a beautiful one side shoulder top with a lot of embroidery or sequencing work done on it. Pair it along with a beautiful, long printed preferably cotton skirt. A white top would go really well on a floral printed skirt.

  1. Capes with pants or skirts:

When it comes to fashion, capes are very versatile. Choose an off shoulder or single shoulder ethnic printed cape and pair it along with black trousers or skirt. Wear a real nice lace chocker to complement your looks.

  1. Traditional saree

A traditional Indian saree will never go out of fashion. You just need to keep updating your style each year with something new and unique. A neatly embroidered blouses and a solid color saree would do the trick.

  1. Waistcoat

Any western outfit can be turned into desi attire by wearing an embroidered waistcoat over the top. This can be worn on denim along with ballet shoes for that wow factor!

  1. Jumpsuits
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A jumpsuit not only keeps you comfortable all day but also looks elegant on almost any body type. Choose colors wisely to suit the season.

Latest Indian Fashion Tips for Men

  • Right size and fit: whether you are wearing a shirt or a pant, it should fit you right. Either a regular fit or slim fit, the right fit will make all the difference.
  • Color Matching: a red shirt on an orange pant will definitely get all attention on you but for the wrong reasons. Choose your colors right. Usually the colors black and white get along well with any other color.
  • The right accessories: what you wear, defines who you are. Being fashionable does not only involve classy attire but also includes the right accessories like belt, watch, wallet, shoes and minimum jewelry. These will add an extraordinary effect to your already stunning looks.


Today’s latest fashion in India for men and women is focused on adding a solid stylish element in the lives of modern men and women



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