Be Professional To Gain Enough Respect Amongst All Gold Buyers In The Market

When you want to make a mark amongst all gold buyers in the market then you will need to be highly professional in your business. Right from the tools that you have in your shop to your approach you must be highly professional. When a customer approaches you must make a mark not only on the gold piece to determine the carat if gold in it using the magnifier loupe but also in the mind of the customer with your professional approach. This is the ‘acid test’ for your business as well as for the gold you are about to buy.

About The Hallmark

Doing well in a gold buying and selling business is not about knowing the hallmark of the gold alone it is also about your business. It is all about gaining respect in the market as well as from the customers. If you are a startup and lack confidence, the best way to improve your level of confidence is to practice a number of times on the jewelry pieces that you already have. With such a confidence you will surely make a mark when you test a gold item in front of the customer.  The more you practice, the more confidence you will gain.

Ways To Advertise

It is also important to advertise your business if you want to stand apart and ahead of other NYC gold buyers.

  • It is good to have and use leaflets and business cards printed telling about your business
  • Mentions in the ad the type of gold jewelry that you buy such as rings, chains, coins, watches or any other
  • Do not mention the price per gram or ounce that you pay for the gold you buy as prices of gold varies daily
  • Put your contact details and phone number.
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Make sure that you never put your home address on the ad for your safety and security reasons. If need be, you can provide the customers with it after having spoken to them over phone in detail.

Build A Contact List

Next, you must build a contact list of people such as the official receivers, dentists and others who may have a consistent supply of gold.

  • Also include the names of those suppliers from whom you can source as well as sell your gold amassed as everything may not be a scrap metal.
  • Seek for online sources that sell gold such as eBay and also those people or stores that sell in craft fairs and market stalls. These are the people who are always in the lookout for new suppliers.

Ways To Sell Your Gold

You can sell your gold amassed for a small profit easily. This will not affect your revenue much as you will source these at a price that is much below the market value but will surely make you a popular destination.

You may also hold the gold for the prices to go up if you wish to see a higher return on your investment. However, do not over extend as there is always a financial risk in such venture due to price fluctuation.

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