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How to Write a Law Dissertation Methodology Section?

How to Write a Law Dissertation Methodology Section

A good methodology section in law dissertation will provide all the possible information needed for someone else to duplicate your efforts. In today’s post, our experts will provide you with the best law dissertation help for writing methodology section.

Law dissertation methodology section can be one of the most difficult sections for you to complete due to the amount of research and data needed to complete the section. It should be 20% of the total length of your law dissertation.

How to Write a Law Dissertation Methodology Section

You need to clearly explain what you did, how you did it and why you did it that way. Your methodology should ensure the reader that your method was sound, and therefore your results and conclusion will be correct. This way there is little doubt left in the mind of the reader that you chose the best possible methodology.

On the other hand, if the reader finds any glaring mistakes in this section, the rest of your law dissertation will be open to criticism and weaken the rest of the section. You need to extensively investigate all possible methods and be able to explain why you chose the methodology you used for your law dissertation. This may involve an extensive understanding of alternative methods used in the work that you referenced in your literature review.

A good methodology section should include the following:

  • An explanation of your methods and other possible methods that you decided not to use. Briefly explain why you chose the methods that you did and rejected other possible methods.
  • A description of your actual research, including factors such as chosen locations, data gathering techniques, and equipment used. The techniques you used to analyze your gathered data and calculate your results.
  • A summary of any limitations that your methods might have, and any assumptions that you made before reaching your conclusions.
  • Lastly, make a final summary of your complete law dissertation methodology.

For law dissertation help, you should contact your advisor and ask him/her to recommend some samples for you to read. You want to ensure the methodology you use is accepted by your dissertation advisor and the committee members.

Outline your methodology and present it to your advisor, who can give you some tips that you did not think about; it will help you when you conduct the actual research. Finally, review and edit your methodology several times to ensure that it is clear, concise and acceptable.

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