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All about Crane services that you need to know

Crane services are used to lift bulky & heavyweight materials from one location to another, which is not an easy task for an individual to do and therefore requires a proper mechanism. For all types of loading and unloading, you can hire certified crane services that have a registration and license of their own and those companies that ensure that the cranes function smoothly at the construction sites.

A crane is merged with a wire rope, chain, or hoist rope and sheaves. They have an easy system to attain complicated lifting methods & techniques. They are also used to lift lower materials & moves them horizontally. They are one of the vital equipment that is required for construction work.

It is widely assumed that the cranes were invented in Ancient Greece, was used by the first in 515 BC. Also, it is believed that use of cranes dates a long way back around 2,000 years ago in Egypt for making vast and giant pyramids, medieval churches, and monuments. by prominent industrialists, it later became a crucial part of modernization replacing the manual labour.

Let’s have a look at different types of crane services and their benefits:

Types of Crane services

Crane services

There are many different kinds of crane services available in the market; you can choose & select any one of them according to the need & requirement. Each crane is specialized in its particular task.  Few of them are:

Mobile Crane:

It can be taken to any location quickly, and it is one of the most used cranes which comes in various sizes, mounted on crawlers or tires. The mobile cranes can lift load from one place to another very easily and the right company gives you the best spare parts also to keep the cranes in functional mode.

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Truck Mounted Cranes

They are divided into two parts: the carrier (truck), and the boom (arm). These cranes are outfitted with counterweights and outriggers for stability, providing them feature to move slowly while carrying heavy & bulky weight.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Fixed Cranes

As the name suggests, they are mainly set at one location, although they lack mobility but still, they can reach even greater heights. They can vary bulkier loads they are only used for a limited period depending upon the duration of the project.

Floating Crane

These cranes were used long back around the middle ages. Also termed as crane ships, they are used at sea locations like ports or oil rigs.

Jib Crane

These cranes are installed at one particular location, just like fixed cranes, and are used for repetitive work & tasks. There are also companies that repair and do servicing for bulky handle cranes that load bulky materials like coals and minerals.

Benefits of Crane services

Workstation Cranes Services

  • Speeding Up the Construction Process: A well specialized Crane can lift heavy materials in much more significant quantities as compared to construction workers or manual labour force. Thus, the construction process speeds up.
  • Reduces the labor cost: Using the crane reduces labor cost or manual work and it helps in reducing the overall cost as well.
  • Higher production and productivity: Cranes services will offer a wide range of cranes that are capable enough of working in different weather conditions as well as in any land surface.
  • No Maintenance required: Hiring Cranes from a reputed agency gives you an additional benefit as you will not have to bear any maintenance-related expenses. The right transportation without causing any delay or harm can only be achieved if you hire the best-certified companies that have a proven track record in servicing crane.


When hiring crane services, make sure that you check the reputation of the vendor and ensure that cranes are well maintained.

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