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Best Countries to Outsource your Services From

If you are on the look-out for outsourcing destinations, then you might want to look out for the countries that are a part of this list. Whether you want to set up a call center in the Philippines or a start-up at Malaysia, you should be well aware of the benefits of outsourcing your services to another country. Outsourcing can be a good option when you want to achieve a goal at a consistent and reasonable costs.

Consider outsourcing that function to other countries like Bulgaria, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Call centers is one of the labor industries that are generating a lot of buzz in the outsourcing sector. Check out why you should consider outsourcing to these countries and see how well they can perform for your industry:


The Philippines has a growth rate of 46% and this has made them become a strong competitor among the outsourcing industry. The country maintains this growth rate due to the country’s low labor costs, highly skilled workforce, and language diversity. Call centers have been springing up in down the labor sector and this provides business with email response, customer service, and management services. BPO services has a huge boost in the country since 80% of their services alone is administered to a foreign country. The Philippines banks on quality, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, and this is the best way to sum up the country’s outsourcing capabilities.

Another great characteristic of outsourcing your services to the Philippines is that English is the number one spoken language in the country. Companies can hire easily and quickly from the country’s talent pool because of this. There is no shortage of skilled and trained workers for the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. Assembling a talented team overseas can help you have greater access to a reliable pool of manpower. Simply, it is easier to get talent in the Philippines for outsourcing your services at a much higher quality.

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Bulgaria has been harboring a reputation for being an attractive place for foreign companies to set up outsourcing services. Its professional workforce is made up of reliable and innovative people with other unique qualities essential to business. Bulgaria is a place known for its competitive workforce and the quick process in every outsourced function. Assembling a customer service team can be costly but basing your operation in Eastern Europe can significantly cut down on these expenses especially in Bulgaria. Companies can outsource to this country and save 40 to 50 percent of their budget, making it the most competitive salary level in Europe.

Not to mention that innovative solutions are highly values in Bulgaria. It has an excellent educational system concentrated on electronic, engineering, and computer sciences which companies can use when they want to venture out to utilization of the latest technology and other innovations.


With advanced English skills and cultural adaptability, Malaysia captures demand from foreign countries because of their highly trained workforce. This is viewed by foreign companies as an attractive asset which they can use in various industries such as customer relationship management, facilities and administration, IT, and human resource services. The country has the potential to become a global player, offering specializations in the Information Technology capabilities.

According to the National Association of Outsourcing, the country values and puts emphasis on education, with many students being more than capable of maintaining a steady workforce. With credible high class degrees, Malaysia has a large talent pool which you can choose to outsource your services from.

Key Takeaway

Outsourcing is a viable step into taking your business into the next step. Enjoining the help of the best countries to outsource your services from can generate long-term profit and a stable output production. Consider outsourcing your business to this country and you will find out that you make an invaluable investment by doing so.

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