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2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Review

Car Review - 2017 Toyota Prius

Own the new poster child Toyota Prius – world’s most popular hybrid – with a big makeover, pleasant but economical drive.

Pros: unbelievable fuel economy, exulting ride, functional hatchback body style

Cons: Inside / outside styling not to everyone’s likes

Value for money : Good

What will you change? Maybe get rid of white interior plastics

How to spec it? Technology trim fully satisfactory!

5 million Toyota Prius owners and still counting…. This new fourth-generation model is well rid of all the hybrid’s shortcomings – hard plastic interior, brittle ride, wobbly handling, Novocain steering feel and moaning drivetrain. Owning the reinvented 2017 Toyota Prius gives a vastly improved pleasant drive with great fuel economy. World’s top-selling hybrid passenger vehicle is waving the Prius flag flying strongly ever.

New 2017 Prius has charmed car buyers with its impressive charisma. TNGA – Toyota New Global Architecture – shows off its great sense of substance and solidity to perfection. Prius cuts corners with awesome conviction with double-wishbone rear suspension, lower, wider and with a lower center of gravity. Refinement has improved ride quality tremendously. A quieter cabin is a result of rigid platform and sound insulation.

Owners of new 2017 Prius will not miss its signature central dash top instrument display. In fact, enjoy a larger, clearer and colorful display. Soft-touch surfaces having smooth flowing curves replace hard plastic. Comfortable seats, panoramic forward vision lure but center console is a jarring twist. It does not match with beige interior. An extra 57 liters of cargo space is created by moving the battery pack from the trunk to under the back seat.

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Prius Signature Outside teardrop profile still sports sharp creases, bulges and complex sculpting. New LED headlights, taillights are slimmer; C-pillar is blacked out for a “floating roof” illusion.

2017 Toyota Prius starts at $27,055. It includes 15-inch alloy wheels, heated cloth seats, 6.1-inch in-dash touchscreen display, a backup camera, smart key access with push-button start, and LED headlights – plus, the radar- and camera-based Toyota Safety Sense P suite, including lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control and pre-collision system with vehicle and pedestrian detection.

A seven-inch touchscreen with navigation technology is one up $29,690.

1.8-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor. Fuel efficiency is a result of tweaks like electric motor downsize, gas engine efficient at cost of top-end power. Torque output remains same but arrives at lower in rev range. CVT is smaller, lighter and frictional losses are down by 20 per cent. Improvements in the Prius’ regenerative braking makes it smoother as well as progressive.

Riding 2017 Toyota Prius is honest fun. Mileage per drop and pleasant driving experience has reimagined Toyota’s hybrid poster child no end!


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