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5 Great Tips for Buying Your New Car

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Big Tips for Buying a CarTips for Buying Your New Car

Buying a new car seems to be a big and daunting step. Especially if it is your first time. There are a few things, which if you consider when making a big purchase like a first time car, will help you tremendously. Everyone looks for a satisfying experience in buying a personal vehicle.

1. Research; Prepare a List of All Car Features You Are Looking For

Depreciation, fuel economy, insurance and reliability are main factors that affect car-buying process. Online websites like Edmunds provide detailed information. You can learn about features and options on new as well as used cars. Once you decide on what you want, it is time to figure out car financing.

Begin your car purchase plan on right foot with preapproved car loans. They are easier to obtain online than offline at car dealerships or lender and dealers. Check out mobile web pages of bank, credit union or third-party lender. Apps based online application form are routed to simplified application to approval process. Shop or select a vehicle within 2-15 days to avoid credit damage. It is better to pre select a vehicle that you can buy promptly.

2. Take Professional Help to Plan Trade-In Strategy, Locate and Test Drive a Car.

Licensed vehicle broker Thornhill resident Robin Whitehouse’s business site helps people find a car online. Brokers offer easy access to a network of lender and dealers along with inventory and information. They do all work – from filling out credit application to end. Get vehicle delivery right in to your driveway with ownership keys at your doorstep. Use Edmunds app on a smartphone or tablet to get perfect trade-in value.

You have an alternative here to work with used-car retailer CarMax for seven days appraisal and buyback offer. If you get a better price to beat it, sell it.

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Once you decide on a vehicle, verify car is in stock and schedule a test drive with prior appointment. Instead of weekends, early in week mornings is the best time. Avoid dealer-installed options. Check it out fully for easy controls, cargo space and child seat fit. If in doubt, think about it overnight.

3. Your Car Purchase Plan Must Have A Budget You Can Stick to with Affordable Sale Price, Extended Warranties.

Review the Deal and Check for Dealer Financing

Financial planner such as bank loan expert, accountant or money-management savvy friend ( help you create a successful car purchase plan. It is time to focus on a great deal price quote on the car. Compare only total amount on your spend with a breakdown of the “out-the-door price” with all the taxes and fees factored in. clarify all products and services like paint protection, extended warranty and pre-paid maintenance plan.

Consult Shopper Advice team for help to close the best auto deal. Look at interest rate, loan term and value of your trade-in. See if you can get car dealership to beat interest rates on your preapproved car loans.

4. Safety, Closing the Deal and Taking Delivery will help you find out more on crash tests, accident avoidance or other aspects of car safety. Find car ratings at

Complete paper work at car dealerships or have a sale contingent with car delivered to your home. Salesperson gives you a tour of your new car. Learn how to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and important features and safety devices.

5. Sources

Find a new car with unique ways of obtaining a new car or use traditional favorite


Find dealership that knows how to treat shoppers right, visit’s Dealer Ratings and Reviews.

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