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How to Prepare for BITSAT? Tips from Topper Sanchit Khanna

No preparation tips can be more worthy than the ones shared by an experienced person and that too from someone whose experience became an inspiration for one and all for BITSAT.

Sanchit Khanna secured 381st  rank in BITSAT 2015 and presently is a 3rd year CSE student in BITS Pilani.

Sanchit Khanna, opened his cards in an interview when was asked about the tactics followed by him for preparation of BITSAT. His strategies may turn out as a great help for the students who would be appearing in BITSAT 2019.

Some of his strategies he discussed about in an interview which we thinks will prove to be useful for the candidates striving to take BITSAT 2019 are as follows:-

Know your strengths and weaknesses:

This is something which varies from person to person. Sanchit’s weakness can be someone’s strength! The point is how early you get to identify them. BITSAT doesn’t only evaluate your knowledge but also judges your speed and accuracy. So, a candidate must be able to manage time and their speed to take the exam more efficiently.

Difficulty level of BITAT:

When asked about the level of the exam, Sanchit said that someone who is preparing for JEE Main, needs not to do anything extra than that. The syllabus of JEE Main will be enough for BITSAT too. Although English and Reasoning are additional to the syllabus of BITSAT which requires basic knowledge of grammar and analytic reasoning.

Suggested textbooks to be referred:

According to Sanchit, regardless of which book you prefer, you should complete that book fully. However, NCERT of chemistry is enough to prepare for BITSAT 2019. For physics, JEE Main section of DC Pandey must be done thoroughly and for Mathematics, Arihant is enough. For English and Reasoning, one should frequently take Arihant mock tests, no further preparation for English and reasoning would be required then.

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Important topics cover:

It is advised to revise all the topics from syllabus at least once. However, if we talk particularly from subjects, then, in physics, one must by heart all the formulas from optics and modern physics, in mathematics, co-ordinate geometry and trigonometry are the topics whose formulas are necessary to be memorized. In mathematics, learning formulas from calculus would help you score more marks than you expect.

Method to solve the paper:

While attempting the paper, set a sequence in mind for attempting the sections according to your strengths. Try to attempt your strongest section first and save time for the tougher questions in the exam. Do not spend too much time on one question. If you have got that the question is not clicking, leave and move on to the next question. Be smart while doing the paper and manage time effectively.

Last minute tips:

Give your mind rest just before the day of exam or at least do not study any new topic on that day for it may panic you rather than increasing your score. Keep the negative vibes of nervousness at a distance. Just recall what you have studied so far and have confidence that you would do good in exam and that is how you will surely do well than you expect.

So these were some of the blueprints one must lay for preparation of any exam. Practicing all these tips by the topper Sanchit Khanna will prove to be helpful for the ones who will be appearing in BITSAT 2019.

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