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Top Tips To Improve Your English-Language Skills For Call Center and Sales Jobs

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A good command and fluency in English is imperative for all sales related jobs. Call center agents need to equip themselves with advanced language and communication skills, especially the ones in international call center sector. They are required to communicate effectively with co-workers, management and clients. Thus, they need to be clear, prompt and precise while communicating with customers across the globe.

Poor or limited skills in the areas like active listening, pronunciation and business vocabulary can result in errors, related to billing and financial losses. It can also lead to a significant decrease in the number of customers.

Faltering in expressing your opinion or addressing the customer’s concern might break the deal for you. Thus, communicating well is the key when it comes to any sales related profile.

Listed below are some of the best ways to improve your language and communication skills:

  1. Rigorous practice and training module can help you in improving your communication skills. Nothing can take the place of practice and preparing extensively when it comes to improving your speaking skills.
  2. Pursuing a language course can also help you in enhancing your language skills. inlingua New Delhi, one of the leading language schools in Delhi NCR, lays great emphasis on the speaking skills of candidates in their language courses. The institute holds expertise in training students like no other. It also offers a special Career skills program, which is designed in a way to help the candidates in enhancing their English speaking and communication skills.
  3. You can work with a corporate trainer who is certified in teaching English to speakers of other languages, besides being an expert in teaching business English. He can help you in getting skilled in language and communication skills using oral and written testing methods like group interaction sessions, training manuals, quizzes and tests, videos and speech programs.
  4. In order to improve your speaking skills, you can familiarise yourself with the phonetic symbols of your dictionary. Look up for the correct pronunciation of difficult words. You can also record your own voice and listen to your pronunciation mistakes.
  5. You need to pay special attention to the words ending with ‘S’ and ‘ED’. This will help in strengthening your mouth muscles while speaking the language.
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