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Enjoy the your Night with best rum brands in India

best scotch whiskey brand in India

Rum is probably the best thing which can happen to someone. Rum is one of the highest consumed drinks in India. There are different rum brands in India and each having its own strong client base. Rum is famous for its taste. If once you have it you will go crazy for it. If you are a beginner and want to try rum then here are some best rum brands in India


  1. Jolly Roger:

Jolly Roger is famous for its unique taste. The dark rum of Jolly Roger is slightly more popular and you can get it in every pack. This brand of rum contains 42.8% of alcohol in it. It is a product of allied blenders and distillers. This product contains a slight hint of spices. This leads to the unique taste of this brand of rum.


  1. Old Monk:

This is the most popular and used brand of rum in the country. This is the oldest brand of rum in the country. The age of this brand is form 7 years to 12 years. It has a taste of vanilla in it. Old Monk is available in six variants. This rum is famous for its strong taste and is famous all over the world. It has around 40% alcohol in it.


  1. Havana Club:

It is a Cuban brand of rum. This brand is famous for its taste. The mixture of vanilla and chocolate makes it tastier. It contains around 40% of alcohol in it. Havana Club is available in the large variety. After introducing it to the market in 1934, in no time it became popular.


  1. Mcdowell’s:

This rum brand is ruling the market for very long. This most loved brand of rumhas been awarded many awards and is famous for its taste. The hint of vanilla and caramel is the secret of its unique flavour. Mcdowell’s also manufacturing whiskey and brandy under the same name. It contains 42.8% of alcohol in it. You must try this brand if you want to taste a good rum.


  1. Bacari:

Famous for its taste and shade, it is one of the most loved brands all over the globe. It is a premium rum brand. It is also available in different flavors like lemon, raspberry, apple, dragon berry, and orange. Because it is available in different flavors, it is more famous in youth. The alcohol contains in this brand of rum is 42.8%. It is also used to make some cocktails as the flavor of the rum enhances the flavor of the cocktail. One must try some of the flavours of this brand’s rum if you haven’t. 


  1. Old Port:

Another famous brand of rum in India is the Old Port. The reason that the rum of this brand is famous is that of its strong flavor. It also contains the hint of vanilla and butterscotch in it. The rum as 40% alcohol in it. This brand also manufactures, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, and Brandy.


So these are some of the famous brands of rum which you must try. Apart from rum, you can also try some scotch. There are several best scotch whiskey brand in India.

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