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Nuts and Dry Fruits Often Turn Rancid If Not Stored Properly

Nuts and dry fruits such as Cashew nuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts, Pistachios, Melon seeds and raisins are the rich sources of many vital nutrients and vitamins to humans; vitamins such as A, C & E are present in rich quantities in these nuts and prone to get oxidized in presence of oxygen and consequently nuts can become devoid of these vitamins. These foods are rich in natural fat and oils, therefore if not protected well during the storage then, they can become highly vulnerable for lipid oxidation in presence of air that somehow penetrates into the packaging of these food items. Therefore, utmost care needs to be taken while packaging the nuts and dry fruits so as to preserve them safely without losing quality over time.

Nuts and dry fruits are dry in nature as compared to foods having higher oxygen and moisture content but, surroundings are always a big threat to the penetration of air inside the packets and making the contents available for degradation in presence of oxygen and moisture. Further, being rich in lipid content, nuts are prone to get deteriorated by lipid oxidation, therefore, must be preserved with oxygen absorbers which not only inhibits oxidation of lipids but also prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and microorganisms in presence of oxygen and moisture. The growth of these microorganisms can further cause the physical and chemical changes in nuts and dry fruits leaving them unsuitable for consumption.

All these issues can be addressed with the introduction of oxygen absorbers in the packaging of nuts and dry fruits. Oxygen absorber for dryfruit helps in bringing the oxygen level down to 0.01 %. By absorbing oxygen, it helps in creating a nitrogen environment that is helpful for the long-term storage of the food.

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Sorbead India markets oxygen absorbers that are specially manufactured for nuts and dry fruits as foods that are dry in nature need the kind of oxygen absorbers that contain deoxidizing agent and enhances the action of oxygen absorbers in the low water environment in the food and ensures the preservation of such foods in the best possible way. Dry fruits and nuts preserved with oxygen absorbers manufactured for ‘regular use’ may not be found fresh all the time as it is not effective in lowering the oxygen level in dry fruits.

Sorbead India caters to the needs of dry fruits and the nuts packaging industry with its customized oxygen absorbers packets that show enhanced activity in the presence of a deoxidizing agent. It markets US FDA certified oxygen absorbers that maintains the freshness of packaged nuts and dry fruits and increase the shelf-life of packaged products.

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