Activated Alumina Balls for Instrumental Air Drying

Air forms that are used in various industries are paramount. the basic requirements are compact, contaminant-free, and Dry Air at a highly variable dew point. Unlike Instrument air, Ambient air has substantially greater moisture content. It’s not particularly suitable for Industrial Unit processes. In production machinery, it can lead to corrosion even in the pipes and significantly increased wear of moving parts. The malfunctioning of such controls will result in damage to the product or costly shutdowns caused by corrosion, scale, and clogged orifices. Hence in a typical chemical or steel industry, Instrument air dryers are an essential part of the compressed air system. These tools and their related filters extract water and lubricant from the compressed air that enters sensitive actuators for instrumentation and control. These dryers work to bring down the dew point of the compressed air, even at low ambient temperatures, so that the air stays dry and free from pollution. Activated Alumina Balls are used in the regenerative desiccant type of Air dryer. It works on the principle of Adsorption. The dehumidifier beads act as a desiccant, adsorbent, and a catalyst carrier. The compressed air is allowed to pass through the dehumidifier beads. As it passes through innumerable pores the moisture in the air is adsorbed. Activated alumina for air dryer is an ideal choice because it produces a low dew point. Dew point is the general measurement for the dryness. At dewpoint, the air becomes saturated and began to condense. The higher the dew point, the chances of water to condense is more as it enters processing units with lower temperature. Since the air passing through dehumidifier beads can produce a low dew point it can be used pneumatically for remote, mobile, and hazardous locations. This is more reliable for places where the ambient temperature is lower. Activated alumina balls is made of Aluminiumoxide(Al2O3.nH2O (0<n≤ 0.8)).It is odorless and tasteless. These have greater strength and low abrasion. It does not expand in water, does not tend to exhibit any expansion or tiny cracks or powdery different textures. It does have an incredibly wide contact area and therefore can adsorb water immeasurably. In addition, the Activated Alumina binds strongly with a polar molecule such as water, ammonia, acetic acid, alkali, etc. Activated alumina’s Amphoteric property would let it function in a broad spectrum of Ph. It is stable and reliable to conditions that are acidic, basic, and neutral. The Activated Alumina balls specification makes it superior to the Silica gel which is also preferred as a desiccant in the dryer. The activated alumina on the market is capable of extracting and adsorbing 36% of its weight in water, 20% more than silica, and 32% more than drierite. Activated Alumina Balls is cost-effective. It can be regenerated and reused quickly which makes such balls suitable for industrial applications. So, It can extensively be used for the air separation, instrument air drying, the intense drying of cracked gas, ethylene and propylene, hydrogen-generation, and defluoridation treatment for water, also for environmental cleanings, such as Hydrogen sulfide, Sulphur dioxide, HF, and paraffin in the waste gas. Activated alumina balls are of great importance in instrument air drying. As it performs exceptionally reliable to reduce the dewpoint of the air. Sorbead India has been the main producer and supplier of desiccants like Activated Alumina balls. Sorbead India has provided trustworthy customers with high-quality activated alumina balls over the past years. Sieves of all pore diameters and all sizes are accessible in any quantity needed. We also accept orders of personalized amounts and test sample packets to anywhere in India.

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