Know About Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims?

personal injury

Personal injury refers to damage that is caused to a person’s body, mind, or emotions after they are involved in an accident caused through another person’s negligence, misconduct, oversight, etc. A lawsuit can be brought against the persons responsible for causing the action that led to the injury, damage, or trauma.

Personal injury lawsuits don’t refer to objects or property owned by the injured party. Instead, personal injury claims refer to the damage or trauma suffered in terms of medical bills incurred, surgery expenses resulting from the accident, costs incurred in consulting the doctor to manage mental illness etc. The surgery expenses are much as surgeons use orthopedic implants and instruments in the surgical procedure that are provided by the orthopedic implant suppliers. Claims can also be made on altered lifestyle changes or hamper the quality of life the individual lived prior to the accident or incident.

What are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury claims can be made on individual who suffered or injuries that have caused damage to the plaintiff. However, in cases where negligence, misconduct, or recklessness cannot be proven, no monetary compensation can be claimed.

Some common types of personal injury claims are as follows:

Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal injury claims most commonly arise when reckless or negligent driving leads to accidents causing mental trauma, physical injuries, and in some cases disability. However, motor and car vehicle accidents need to be evaluated further to understand the category of claim that can be filed. This is due to the state where careless driving may not lead to a personal injury case because of the existence of a no-fault clause. Personal injury protection is a form of car insurance that is paid out regardless of the oversight or negligence of the driver.

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Further, some accidents may be resolved through settlements and not essentially need a lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Accidents 

Slipping and falling after walking around inside a store because you failed to see a jutting floor tile? If you can prove negligence of the shop owner, a personal injury can claim could be made. Owners of property or those who rent out space are legally bound to follow rules to make sure that the property is not hazardous. Although, the liabilities may differ from state to state and therefore, personal injury claims will also differ.


 If somebody spreads a falsehood about a person or slanders him or her, it can cause damage to the individual’s reputation. The damage could be permanent or temporary, depending on the extent of lies. A personal injury claim can be made if the person can claim that a falsehood or a lie was indeed propagated.

Dog Bites

Dog owners are in authority of their pets. If a pet dog bites, it is the legal liability of owner, even if the dog has no known history of aggression. Liability laws differ from state to state, and some cases also have a one-bite rule.

In some instances, though, dog bite injury cases are taken very seriously, and the liability is of the owner.

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