A Checklist of Eating Right When Diagnosed with HIV

Getting tested positive for HIV is definitely an overwhelming situation where you might feel clueless about your situation. However, HIV does not mean the end of the world, owing to the recent developments in its diagnosis and medication. The treatment and medication for HIV can get more effective when you couple them with a proper and healthy diet that will help your weakened immune system and overall health to fight back against the virus.

In order to defend your body against the ill-effects of the infection and the virus, you will need to supply it with essential nutrients and minerals. Apart from that, a proper and healthy diet will keep you energized, strong, and help you in fighting the side-effects brought on by HIV and the ongoing treatments.

With that being said, here are some of the health and diet tips that will get you started:

Eat a Lot of Fruits and Vegetables

Pick fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients called antioxidants, which are known for enhancing your body’s immune system and providing you with appended security. Make sure that you are having five to nine servings every day. A great way to maintain the consistency is by filling half of your plate with veggies and fruits during each meal. Also, ensure eating different servings of fruits and vegetables in order to get the adequate supply of most vitamins and minerals.

Opt for Lean Protein

Lean protein is perhaps what your body needs the most to develop the muscle, ensuring a stronger immune system. Select healthy variants like poultry, fish, lean beef, beans, and nuts. You might need to consume more protein in case you are underweight or are going through the later stage of the HIV virus.

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Select Whole Grains

Whole grains are filled with carbs that provide your body with the energy required to stay healthy and perform your daily chores with ease while fighting the infections. Choose brown rice, whole wheat bread and other similar sources of whole-grain carbs that will act as a high-end fuel for your body.

Consult Your Doctor

HIV medications or the infection and disease itself can have a drastic effect on the digestive system as well, leading changes to your diet and weight-related issues. This is why the timely diagnosis of the virus is critically important and with present-day techniques such as Southern Blotting, medical professionals can even trace the reasons behind the condition. Apart from identifying the presence and the emergence of the AIDS-causing virus, the technique is also used to study a certain DNA in a specific DNA sample. With such modern techniques and medications, your doctor will be able to provide you with the right solution. In case you want to know more about Southern Blotting, you can visit authentic websites such as

Consume Healthy Fats in Moderation

Fat confers your body with energy; however, it is rich in calories. Make heart-healthy choices that include fat sources such as vegetable oils, avocado, and nuts. You can also consult your doctor regarding nutritional supplement that includes fats and proteins.


People with HIV need to follow a healthy diet chart as one of the major symptoms of the virus are weight related problems that make it more likely to acquire long-term diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Stick to the aforementioned tips and have a healthy diet alongside the ongoing treatment and medication.

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