How to keep baby warm in winter- tips and tricks

keep baby warm in winter

Your little ones are the sugar pie of your eyes and need to be taken care of properly, especially when it’s freezing outside, you need to be extra careful with them as little bit of carelessness can get them in the grip of cold chilling weather affecting their health seriously. In addition to avoiding all the outdoor trips with your little ones, adhere to the below tips that will help you in keeping your baby warm and safe this winter season.

Pack your baby in layers

If the baby is not covered with woolen yet comfortable clothes, chances are that he or she might feel cold from inside resulting in headache, fever, nose blocking etc. You can dress the baby according to the surrounding weather, for instance for the bottom layering, you can cover the baby with warn leggings or a bodysuit would be a more ideal option to consider. And for the upper body part, you can use a thermal with long sleeve shirt and sweater over it. For the final layering, in addition to the jacket cover your baby with hat, mittens, and warm booties to keep the hands and feet warm as well. Whatever clothes you choose just make sure that they are made up of breathable fabric so that your child can stay comfortable by wearing them.

Avoid all kind of outdoor trips

It’s not advisable to take your kids out in the freezing temperature, until and unless it’s very important. Also if it might not be snowing but raining outside, keep your child inside the homes only as this kind of mixed weather can be more troubling for the little ones. If it’s a doctor appointment or something else, that can’t be missed, cover the child in a winter jacket with monkey hat that covers his ears, forehead etc, so that the bone chilling winds don’t affect the child’s health.

Check the signs of discomfort, if any

Keep on checking the signs of discomfort in your baby which he is unable to tell you, if the child’s face is turning red or his skin is getting warmer, it’s a sign that he is overstuffed with clothes. In that case remove the top layer of the clothes so that he can become more comfortable and if his skin is cold while touching, you need to add some extra layering to make the child feel warmer. Make sure that the child’s toes are bit cooler and the tummy is on the warmer side as this is the ideal baby’s body temperature.

Cover your baby’s stroller properly

In a hurry, you might have just thrown the blanket to cover your child in stroller but still the freezing winds are entering from the sides of the stroller making the environment very much uncomfortable for the little ones. So rather just covering your child in a hurry, make sure that you are blocking the corners as well, to stop the chilling winds from entering inside. Many strollers of leading brands have covers designed to protect the children from cold winds, you can search a wide variety of strollers at FirstCry that are comfortable to use in winter season.

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Make sure that the indoor temperature is perfect for the baby

Majority of the times we are concerned about the outside temperature only and forget that the inside temperature is equally important to keep the babies warm and comfortable. Too much of indoor heating can result in drying the skin of your baby due to lack of moisture, thus making the skin rough and dry. While your baby is sleeping, you can set the thermostat temperature ranging between 65°F and 68°F, which will not only give him a healthy and long sleep but will also, reduce the red or dried skin.

Massage Your Baby Well

Irrespective of the season in which your child is born, a regular body massage is prerequisite to ensure a healthy growth of your child. Also with the regular message, you can ensure proper blood circulation in your child that can help in enhancing the immunity within the child as well. Try to maintain a cozy and warm atmosphere at the time of messaging your child; choose an appropriate time when your child is in active mood so that he can enjoy the messaging in an enhanced way.

Use good moisturizers

In addition to offering a perfect indoor atmosphere, make sure that you are using good moisturizer that does not contain any chemicals in affecting your child’s skin. Also you don’t need to wash your child daily during winters; instead you can clean dry him with Luke warm water that will make him feel refreshed and cleaned. Don’t use extreme hot water, warm water would be perfect so that the skin don’t dry making un easy for the babies; you can keep the water to about 100°F and don’t soak your baby for more than 8-10 minutes in the water. Make sure that you are not overusing lotions and moisturizers on your child’s body as existence use of skin care products can make the dry skin even worse.

Don’t cover the baby’s head during nights

Don’t cover the head for your baby while he is sleeping in bed because the heat is produced out from the baby’s head which can cause overheating and may distract him from the sleep. Also on the regular time intervals, you need to check whether your baby is sleeping comfortably or sweating with continuous breathing, in all those cased, you need to adjust the room’s temperature and have to remove those extra layering may be gloves or swaddle.

Keeping baby warm in the winters is a challenging task, but with the proper knowledge and proper clothing, you can make your baby more comfortable during the winters as well. You can buy all kind of babies’ clothes and accessories at the website that will make him more comfortable and warmer, use Firstcry coupons to get the best breathable clothes for your little one. Dress you baby smartly, he should not be over dressed neither should be exposed to cold; the correct type of clothing can keep your baby protected in the chilling wind as well.


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