Cloud Storage and Backup Made Easy with StoneFly SCVM.

If you are responsible for the data storage of your enterprise then, it has been a great challenge for you to bring out efficient data storage and disaster recovery options for your enterprise. A massive amount of data is produced on daily basis and according to the survey conducted by tech giant IBM, global devices generate around 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) of the data every day. It is also reported that 70% of the enterprises have experienced the data loss. Data Storage, Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery are the three processes which go hand in hand. Cloud Backup alone can’t ensure the security of your data. Data recoverability is equally important for your enterprise.

You can’t deny the fact that in the event of disaster your company needs to keep operations up and running in minutes. No matter what, some things are beyond your control. Storage fails, files get lost, power blacks out, it happens but, random accidents shouldn’t impact your business. If your task is to protect your mission critical data and applications to the cloud, without any downtime then, there is an easier way to do all of that.

SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance:

StoneFly SCVM is ALL-IN-ONE solution for your enterprise. It allows stability, delivers efficient, secure and reliable enterprise cloud storage solution. It is an enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution which automates data management across the enterprise. It is a backup and disaster recovery solution which accelerates disaster recovery, enhance IT agility to support core business and improve compliance. StoneFly believes that storage can be both easy and efficient. StoneFly SCVM is a Virtual IP Storage Software Appliance which creates a virtual network storage appliance using the existing resources of your virtual server.

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Benefits of SCVM:

Some of the perks of SCVM include:

  • You can use same hardware platform and you don’t need a separate platform for your storage.
  • It increases productivity.
  • It eliminates the complex data management and simplifies it.
  • It reduces the rack space requirements.
  • It automates data management across the enterprise.
  • Accelerates disaster recovery and improves compliance.
  • It enhances IT agility to support core business.

SCVM lowers the operational costs of data centers for the enterprises. The enterprises which are looking for IP storage appliance but, they lack the space and budget to purchase new hardware then StoneFly SCVM is a smart pick for you. You can have your existing server storage and it can be transformed in clustered storage system which can be managed as a single SAN. You are required to safely and reliably, operate mission critical IT systems and applications. SCVM is available on demand in minutes, it is extremely simple and easy to manage.  You can have cloud storage solutions with SCVM in less time and money.  For a free download of free trial follow the SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance link or call 510.265.1616.

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