Instagram for SEO: Ways through Which You Can Develop and Boost Both Campaigns

Digital marketing has always been subject to changes and trends that make it one of the most popular ways of advertising on the web. Speaking of popularity, businesses in the 21st century find themselves surrounded by a lot of opportunities to promote their brand and get more visibility on the Internet. In order to succeed in this venture, brands need to focus on making their SEO game as strong as possible. When it comes to enhancing your ongoing SEO campaign, nothing can be more fruitful than leveraging the social media channels like Instagram for branding and promotion.

With that being said, take a look at these strategies that will help you in driving both your SEO and Instagram marketing campaigns towards success:

Optimize Your Profile on Instagram

One of the finest ways to make the most of SEO on Instagram is to optimize your brand’s profile on the visual-sharing platform. When it comes to finishing your account on Instagram, there are certain things that you need to focus on such as including a photo or logo of your company in the profile picture, adding a bio, and strategically placing your website link. Make sure that you keep updating this link since it is the only way through which you drive your followers for Instagram to your website. Although the user engagement entirely depends on the way you shape your content marketing strategies on the platform, optimizing your profile for a user-friendly experience is an absolute must for both marketing and SEO.

Proper Utilization of the Hashtags

Leveraging hashtags to your advantage can be as great as your keyword optimization strategies with SEO. Just like you have to research and identify the keywords that will help in making your SEO campaign a success, finding out the popular hashtags in your niche will do a similar job to your ongoing Instagram marketing campaign. Besides, it also helps your followers to curate and access the content you share on the platform. However, just like keyword stuffing in SEO, make sure that you are not overusing hashtags in order to keep your post relevant and authentic.

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Be Creative with Content

One of the biggest advantages of using Instagram as a tool for improving your SEO game is that the platform is decked with features that help you in showcasing your creativity to the optimum level. Also, Instagram is the perfect place for brand storytelling via visuals that your audience will find enticing and want more of your content along with the behind the scenes story. Make sure that you are leveraging these features along with the Instagram Story and create a positive impression on the minds of your audience.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action

While this might come as surprise, you can add strong call-to-action through the caption prior to sharing your post on the platform. This can help in generating more traffic and driving it to your website for improving your SEO. When it comes to adding call-to-actions, simply ask your audience to tag their friends, comment on certain photos, and take part in contests and like your visuals.


A great way to enhance your SEO campaign is to integrate it with your ongoing Instagram marketing program. Stick to the above-mentioned strategies and bring success to both the campaigns.

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