Top 3 Best Cities In Asia For Weekend Getaways

Majority of people do not take the step of eluding away from their daily tedious routine. However, they may do not know that the charm and the relief of going on a weekend getaway have indeed no comparison. Filled with historical places, gifts of nature, and combined with the benefit of low-cost travel, Asia is that one travel destination where you can spend your weekend in a tremendously awesome way. For this purpose, here is a list of the top three cities considered to be the best for a weekend getaway.

1) Hong Kong
Hong Kong is ranked among the finest cities to travel. It has several metropolitan and adventurous sites for tourists. The striking skyscrapers and the opulent landscapes offer you both experiences. Whether you want to get immersed in nature during one of those hikes or you want to sit back at one of the famous culinary spots, this perfect combination will make your weekend getaway worth to remember. Visit the Peak to enjoy out of this worldview or spend your Friday night by reminiscing your childhood in Disney land or the greater alternative of the Ocean View Park. Spend your Saturday night in the city and party like the people of Hong Kong. Visit the ladies market or the Hong Kong massage spas or the temple street night market and collect those souvenirs to remember this perfect weekend getaway.

2) Bali
The second on the list is the ever famous island of Bali. It is a perfect place for tourists to spend their time there. Probably a paradise on Earth, Bali will be a dream coming true. Spend your weekend by exploring the island’s perfect views. Indulge in the scrumptious cuisines and enjoy the lazy sunbathing. If you are into history then probably you will spend your weekend getaway in exploring Bali’s temples. Take out the adventurer in yourself and explore the various natural paths and treks that lead to the volcano in Kintamani.

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3) Langkawi
Langkawi is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It consists of around ninety-nine islands that are located on Malaysia’s west coast. The picturesque fields and the view of the sea will provide you with a fascinating feeling as if you are in heaven. Langkawi offers the perfect diving experience with its turquoise coloured sea. Surrounded by lush jungles, Langkawi will prove to be the perfect beach getaway for you in Asia. You would find yourself in awe of the perfect natural beauty it possesses. Visit the underwater Langkawi world and witness the 500 sea species and make this a trip to remember.

If you are getting bored on weekends and need fun for yourself or for your family for spending a weekend at some beautiful place, then Asia is the region for you. You could either spend your life living the same routine or you could take the risk of being a traveller and go on the weekend getaway to have some fun. You can visit any of the aforementioned places and can make your weekend an exceptional experience for you. It would be living a dream journey for you, if you would visit any of the aforementioned cities, as visiting those cities is both, inexpensive and fun-oriented.

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