Top 3 Capital Cities in Europe

If you are planning to tour Europe, then there are certain places and cities that you cannot leave out. These cities not only hold the world’s best landmarks but also offer a real insight into the different cultures of the European nations. Europe is so big and diverse and every country is so unique that it’s nearly impossible to make fair comparisons. From Rome to Paris, Vienna to Zagreb, there are several cities that you can visit and sample what they offer. As a first time visitor, you will realize that there is something magical about this continent. The moment one hears about it, what comes to his mind are the lush green meadows, snowy mountain peaks, and beautiful valleys. Here are the top 3 capital cities in Europe.

1. Paris, France

Paris is one of the best cities that most people dream about visiting. In most people’s minds, it oozes with romance and style. To be honest, it’s a very beautiful city. Since you will see sights such as Notre Dame and Eiffel towers, it’s definitely a city that you will visit again and again. As the capital of French, it’s one of the best places to visit. Located on the banks of River Seine, it’s famous for its iconic Eiffel towers. Apart from this, it has several tourist attractions such as the Basilica, Sainte-Chappelle, The Louvre and the Disney Park. In addition to old churches and cathedrals, it also has an abundance of restaurants that offer the best French cuisine. As a matter of fact, no city is so beautiful, romantic and has excellent food like Paris. It’s, therefore, definitely the best city on Europe.

2. Zagreb, Croatia

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In the recent decades, Zagreb has become one of the main tourist attractions in southern Europe. It’s not only a stop for international tourists to the historic cities of the Croatian coast but also a very popular destination. Currently, it attracts over million visitors every year. Tourists looking for accommodation in the city next to its many architectural, cultural, and historic landmarks can easily find the best suites and guest rooms. Some of its attractions include the cathedral, insane markets, street art, beautiful churches and fire cannon. Due to the real estate Croatia restrictions, acquiring a property as a foreigner can be a bit challenging. However, with consent and reciprocity agreement, you can easily buy a property. Since it’s connected to other cities in Europe by train and bus, it’s possible to visit them. While most sights can be accessed on foot, you can still use the city’s train service.

3. Rome. Italy

Just like Paris, Rome is a city that most people yearn to visit. If you have visited it before, you will agree with me that it’s one of the best cities in Europe. If you are touring Europe, it’s a city that you can’t afford to miss. Because of its unique traditions and artistic treasures, it has evolved as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. As a major archeological city, it boasts of nice collections of paintings and art from different times in history. Some of its top attractions include St Peter’s Basilica, Ostia Antica, Palatine Hill, and Vatican Museum.

There you have it, the top 3 cities in Europe. With several vacation packages on offer, a trip to Europe is a moment that you will definitely cherish forever.

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