Is Hong Kong A Safe And Tourist Friendly City?

Hong Kong is world -famous city that happens to be one of the most visited places by tourists. The fourth highest populated region in the universe has a lot to offer visitors, promising an array of amazing experiences to remember for a lifetime. So, you’ve been hearing a lot about Hong Kong and you finally want to go and experience it for yourself. But, you are wondering about the reception you’ll get, and if at all it is a safe city for you to visit. Well, no need to wear yourself out with such questions. Hong Kong is a completely safe tourist destination. Apart from its polarizing skyline and famous cuisine, the following are reasons why you should have no reservations about touring Hong Kong.

Receptive Locals
While it is not common for locals to smile at strangers easily in the streets of Hong Kong, don’t take this for being unaccommodating. Just like in any other major cities of the world, locals are usually on guard about strangers and may not necessarily be friendly on the surface. However, let it not take away from how hospitable and friendly they truly are. If you go out of your way to establish a personal relationship with someone, you will realize just how short it will take to bond with them and the smiles will start coming more effortlessly, if not naturally. Besides, there is always someone on hand to help you with directions in case you feel lost, without expecting a tip or handout from you.

Things to do
Nothing defines tourism like the fun activities a region has to offer, and Hong Kong has plenty to go around. The numerous skyscrapers in the city make for an iconic skyline and exhibit architectural finesse. Idyllic beaches and green mountains make for the perfect scenery while continuous trails and green lush mountains offer you the perfect opportunity to interact with nature and the outdoors. There are also numerous high-end stores, malls for the ultimate shopping experience and the local cuisine is just to die for! Not to mention the famous Hong Kong massage.

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Dependable Public Transport
One common nightmare for tourists anywhere around the world is the subject of public transportation. In a foreign land where you are not allowed to drive, you have no choice but to contend with public means of transport; and woe unto you if it is not up to the standards you are used to. You won’t have to worry about this here. Hong Kong has one of the most sophisticated transport networks in the world. The city boasts an array of alternatives to move residents around, including ferries, buses, subways, tramway, etc; and links all the modes of transport to guarantee convenience in getting from one place to the other. You can rest easy about being late for an appointment or having to spend hours in a traffic jam.

Rich Culture
Hong Kong is not your average city; it merges two heritages, Chinese and English almost seamlessly to serve as the perfect boiling point. Anybody visiting the city will feel right at home and definitely be fascinated by the wealth of culture. From Buddhist temples to colonial relics at every block corner, there are a lot of historic landmarks to give you a taste of the cultural variety. Hong Kong is deemed to be among the most recognized destinations that celebrate Asian culture by staging numerous shows at museum and concert halls throughout the year.

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