The Best Exersaucer for Your Baby

best exersaucer for your baby

The best exersaucer for your baby

Well, isn’t this what every mother wants? I am quite sure than when it comes to buying one of those very useful toys, mothers always want to buy the best exersaucer possible. So what it is the best one? Well, unfortunately I cannot tell you which is that, or if it even exists.

What I can tell you is what parents buy for their children, which are the most popular and sold baby exersaucers around during this last year.

I can tell you that the best sold exersaucer is Evenflo ExerSaucer 3-in-1 Pond , no doubt about it! People just buy that one like crazy! I guess if so many people buy it, it must be the best, right?
Then I would name Evenflo ExerSaucer® Smart Steps – ABC ! This is the second one in order of sales and guess what, it is an Evenflo ExerSaucer also! Seems that Evenflo rules here!

The third position is shared by 3 other Evenflo products, EvenFlo Smart Steps Exersaucer Entertainer, Evenflo ExerSaucer Deluxe – Wild Thing and Evenflo Exersaucer® Mega Circus.

Maybe this last one I enumerated here is not that sold compared to the rest also because of the price range, it costs around $199, almost twice as the rest, but the features it brings are great and worth the money and for this mom can use the backpack diaper bag.

So, I don’t know if I answered you which is the best exersaucer, but I have tried to tell you what people buy the most and we can see Evenflo rules!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Health Care High Chair

That’s one of those items that you want for your baby for those moments when you want to prepare the meal in the afternoon and your little one just doesn’t want to stay in one place. How about if you give him or her a personal rainforest to play in? I think that it would make a great gift for your baby and a great escape for you as a parent!

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The Fisher-Price Rainforest Health Care High Chair has a bunch of adorable toys that your baby will just love! Snap it into the high chair tray, and baby can play with different rainforest animals in lots of different ways, including activating music, lights & sounds! There’s also a tethered toy that stays with the tray. And while baby’s enjoying the rainforest, you’ll enjoy conveniences like a one-handed tray removal, 7 chair height adjustments, a dishwasher-safe insert tray and more! Toy requires 3 AA batteries.

What parents have to say?

After 7 kids in a sturdy Perego high chair (which I replaced the seat pad once & found a whole chair replacement another time on eBay), I was disappointed it would need to be replaced again for my 8th child. Since they no longer make the pads and I was not happy with the new style – or spending $200. I came here first to see what other options were out there.

Anyway – the first alternative I saw was this cute Rainforest chair! I was sold right away from the picture, the price, and the reviews! I quickly checked out some other chairs – but, nothing else came close. The Perego we had was sturdy, basic looking, white & chrome . . .. this time around we are going for cheap and fun! It is definitely more light weight – but it actually seems ok – sturdy enough! The seat could use some more padding – I’m going to take the extra little pillow rest from the car seat and stick it under the seat and that should work. We do not have the tray problem that others have mentioned – it is snug and secure. One reason, though, I did not give 5 stars is that there is no place to hang the tray when the toy is in use! Really irritating. What is funny, though, is that you can hang the toy on the back of the chair – the whole thing sticks out horizontally . . .

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