Debunking Six Common Car Hire Myths

Car hire is a great service, especially when traveling to a new place. However, the business has been met with various false assumptions that are deterring clients from enjoying the services. Some of these assumptions are incorrect. Here is a list of some of these myths and the facts.

  1. Always stick to multinational companies

Although multinational companies seem to have built their reputation, there are other car hire providers that provide similar quality or even better services. Some of those promoting the multinationals are only doing so for a commission. So long as you vet the firm before hiring, you are good to go. You can rent a car from Sofia airport, as long as you are comfortable with the terms.

  1. You will pay the same amount of money whether you have a reservation or not

The reason one looks for a car before the day of travel is not just to save money. Once you book a vehicle in advance, you are assured of a ride the moment you arrive. In most cases, the rates are higher if you book on arrival. If you can, it is advisable to look up the car hire company online then reserve a car in advance.

  1. Car rental companies are open 24/7

Some people are of the idea that since airports are open throughout, then airport car rental companies should also remain open. They assume that they can always pick a rental vehicle at will. This is a myth and it ought to be debunked. You should inquire from the company in advance with regards to their business hours. That way, you avoid the situation of arriving in the new city only to find that you do not have a ride for the period you will be there.

  1. The rental company will charge you for all damages

While it is important for the client to maintain the vehicle in good condition, one should also not be scared of being charged heftily for damages. Yes, some firms will ask you to pay especially when the damage is extensive. However, this is only a fraction of the entire industries. Most companies have insurance coverage that takes care of such expenses.

  1. You must have a credit card

Most people think that they must have a credit card to rent a car from Sofia airport. However, it is not the case. Rental car providers offer various payment options that clients can use to pay for the services. Although using your credit card is one of these options, it is not the only one. You can inquire from the rental company regarding their accepted payment methods before signing up for the service.

  1. A rental contract is not adjustable

Another misconception that scares away clients from hiring a vehicle is that the rental agreement cannot be altered. Most travelers assume that the moment they sign the contract, there is no way out of it. A rental contract outlines the fee structure as well as the basic terms of engagement. Some of the details in the agreement are: information on the rental car such as the model, mileage limit and rental period.

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