Customization – flavour for festivals

India, a beautiful country that is a home to six major religions apart from other religions that were formed from amongst these religions. With 29 states and 6 Union Territories, India’s cultural diversity is a unique example to the world that unites its people regardless of the religion they belong to. Fairs and festivals are not just about celebration and fasting, but they are imbued with a deep inner significance that unites India.

Amongst the 20 major festivals celebrated in India, Janmashtami – the birth of Lord Krishna and Ganesh Chaturthi – the birth of Lord Ganesha is celebrated in groups. The celebration is at the peak with not just the followers but also people from varied religion celebrate. This year, both the important festivals are coming at a distance of merely 10 days!

What connects these two festivals is the way the followers come together in a group to organize the festivals. Every group has their unique name and during the major ritual which for Janmashtmi is Matki Fod where followers come in large number with T-shirts of their respective group and try to break the Matki hung at a height which is ranging from 20 to 50 feet.

During Ganesh Chaturthi, the followers collectively as a group (Mandal) bring Lord Ganesha Idol in their society and offer Puja where devotee from different areas visit and offer their prayers to receive blessings of Lord Ganesha whom they also call ‘Vighnaharta (One who takes away all your problems)”. These groups, get their unique customized T-shirt made of their Mandal that are different for the two different rituals that they perform; while bringing Lord Ganesha (Aagman) and during the exit of Lord Ganesha (Visarjan).

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The Mandal might get several vendors that could provide them with decoration inputs, sweets and other related items that are required to make the festival grand. What they are least aware of is the type of t-shirts they could get customized in order to make their mandal look unique. Most of them had been wearing a t-shirt made out of low to decent quality material that is either a onetime wear or to be used as a nightwear later when the purpose is served.

Swaham- a one-stop destination for personalized t shirts online is a hub for needs of such followers who want to customize their t-shirt but are caught in the vicious circle of questions of a few vendors who provide them with least options that aren’t even budget-friendly. While many vendors provide a cheap quality polyester material t-shirt, Swaham will provide you with a quality cotton t-shirt both in round neck and polo neck options. Even the polyester t-shirt they provide, they give you the option for the t-shirt that has a dry fit feel.
The customization process is quite swift and you can get your t-shirt delivered to your doorstep from 4-7 business days depending upon your location and order complexity. Here’s a quick guide to their customization process

September is the month for two major festivals from the states that we previously one single State i.e Janmashtami for Gujarat and Ganesh Chaturthi for Maharastra. Not just these festivals, but the different occasion that requires something personalized to suit the need be it mugs, t-shirts, mobile cases or any such product. Customizing has become the need of the hour as every customer wishes to do things that are a little ‘Hatke’ from the default.

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