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The Moonstone and It’s Properties

Moonstone Gemstone Properties

What is the moonstone and what is its meaning?

Moonstone is undoubtedly one of the minerals that most help women in all its facets. It also serves to balance the emotional, physical and mental state of people. Do you suffer pains in menstruation? Do you have problems in your lactation? Are you impulsive? Do you have insomnia? … If your answer has been a yes in any of these questions the moonstone interests you.

The moonstone receives this name because it has always been considered to capture the properties of the moon. Although it is also known as Fish Eye and Wolf Eye. It belongs to the family of Labradorita and Amazonita.

But before telling you the benefits of the moonstone, it is important that you know how minerals affect your body. In this way, you will be able to know why the lunar light stone is capable of having these positive effects on you.

How do gems work in your body?

The gems and semiprecious mineral extracts of the earth directly affect you, with a sense and direction towards the response of your body.

Once again, nature gives us a tool for the balance of your body and your mind. Those are the gems or precious stones like the moon quartz!

When the mineral is in contact with the skin of the person, through the sense of touch and the absorption of the tissues, the information passes into the bloodstream and is carried to the neurons. They recognize a combination of mineral salts that affect one or several emotions, organs, attitudes … and the brain, in the form of resonance, sends the order to the body to generate this same combination of salts through a chemical effect. In this way, the body, mind and emotions begin to have a change.

It’s not magic, it’s science! Many times you choose a stone for its aesthetics or its color, but what really catches your attention and attracts you to that stone is what your body needs. It is a demonstration of your defense system.

To benefit your body, and to work in various fields, it is advisable not to use only one mineral, but combinations of precious stones. It is advisable, for a certain time, to be exposed to its irradiation and, when it has resolved its purpose, it is advisable to change the combination through a specialist.

  • What are the benefits of gems? ·
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Gems are very useful because they directly affect your emotions. They are also indicated to relieve specific points of the body such as pain or inflammation. Thus, one of the properties of the moonstone is to help to liberalize the tensions in the neck caused by stress or emotional burdens. That is, for these pains to occur first there is an emotional effect and then another physical one.

In a slower but more effective way, they can also be combined with elixirs to organize disorders such as circulation, diabetes, overweight, insomnia….

Although in the “challenge” I explain it in more detail, to make an elixir with the moonstone you must place in a glass several moon stones throughout the night. Drink that water the next morning. This will make your body go emotionally unloading, you will see the solutions more clearly and you will be less confused. As you can see, the moonstone serves, among other things, to balance you internally.

The task of a gem is to regulate the lack or the excess in a natural way . If you use one that does not correspond to the need of your body or your emotions, it simply will not generate any extraordinarily visible effect on you. It will only keep the person in equilibrium based on the property of the gem.

  • Are the gems an element of decoration? ·

Gems not only affect your body, they affect everything around you. It is very important that in your vital spaces (work, home …) you have minerals that organize and clean the environment where you are and breathe. For example, salt lamps that help to ionize and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Another important example is the amethyst and quartz minerals that reduce the consequences of electrical appliances that can alter our rest or the well-being of our home. Hence the importance of the decoration of minerals, as they not only help to enrich the rooms with their beauty, but also help us in our health and well-being.

Wearing Chakra jewelry is therefore important as it aligns chakras with their corresponding healing properties. The seven stones; in the jewelry represent the seven energy spots in the body: solar plexus, throat, heart, sacral, brow, crown.

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