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Tungsten Wedding Bands – The Practical Choice for Men’s Jewelries

When picking up a ring for your much-awaited wedding day, it is essential to define proper consideration regarding the band’s material. This is because the material you opt for houses a cultural and social message along with some meaningful experiences associated with the piece that comes out from deep within the heart. Wedding signify a beginning that entails closeness of two so in-love souls that choose to spend a lifetime together. This means you need to be assured of the fact that this symbol of your union lasts for a lifetime to mark the forever journey you are about to enter into.

Why is tungsten the priority when it comes to wedding rings?

Unique men’s tungsten wedding rings rank among the top materials opted by soon-to-be-wed grooms because of the following reasons:

  • The major reason men prefer Tungsten is the fact that it comes with superior durability with no corrosion or tarnishing.
  • The material is about four times harder as compared to the next popular choice which is titanium. Additionally, it is five times harder when compared to silver and 18 times harder than the gold jewellery.
  • The tungsten crafted jewellery preserve the looks and finish that you saw on day one for a lifetime.
  • The unique men’s tungsten wedding rings allow the possibility for the creation of excellent designs that match perfectly with various attires throughout your lifetime. If you are a fashion freak, tungsten rings are a must.
  • The affordable price is what attracts a major faction of tungsten’s customers. It ranges somewhere between the prime market metals like silver, gold, titanium, and platinum.

The market is trending with varieties of tungsten wedding bands given the fact that this material allows creativity to seep in through the designer rings. You can easily pick from any of these prominent styles when it comes to finding the perfectly crafted tungsten rings that are way better regarding variety than the titanium wedding bands for men.

  • Faceted Bands:

The simplicity of tungsten is what makes it unique as well. With some geometrical shapes added to the surface finishing, the creative crafters can easily add more facets to enhance the overall appeal of the rings. The ones who prefer shimmer of the polished version of the tungsten bands that is accompanied by some of the best and intricate patterns seen over the surface, you can easily pick the faceted rings or bands with some deep cuts as well. A similar effort is also often seen in the titanium wedding bands for men.

  • Diamond Setting Tungsten Bands:
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If you think tungsten is too plain on its own, make sure you ask for the diamond set tungsten bands that pair the beauty of tungsten with the shine and glimmer of the diamond. With the diamonds, you get a dazzling look, while tungsten reflects a sober and dark appeal. The elegance extracted from diamond fitted tungsten rings is simply unmatched.

  • Black Tungsten Rings:

If you simply can’t settle for the general choice, why not go for something or rather a color that does not fade away with time. Black is something that will always be in trend. It is never to fade away from the market. This style gels well with all colors or any attire that you choose to wear.

Make sure you pick the quality brands when opting for black tungsten based wedding rings to ensure the quality of the material along with a guarantee of strength and rigidity of these bands. Some manufacturers add a hint of shine to dark looks with the touch of the ceramic inlays working along to add perfect contrast when it comes to illuminating the jewelry.

  • Metallic Inlays:

To increase the overall attraction for Tungsten, the manufacturers often pair the same with other metals such as platinum, gold, and even sterling silver that can be used in the form of inlays designed to be worn as wedding rings. These metallic inlays showcase the effect that looks like two metals have fused together to create something iconic for the wearer or bearer of the ring.

  • Brush Finish:

The brushed finish for tungsten metal rings is often dubbed as a technique that reveals an entirely new texture and looks for the existing metal. This widely accepted practice helps with enhancing the overall appeal of the ring with scope for better and modern styling.

A rough look for the wedding bands can be obtained with matte brushing option. Softer finishes are often acquired from the use of a technique known as stain brushing. You can easily select a brushing style that suits your personality or style statement or best yet; you can alternate between the two depending on your current mood.

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