Medical Instruments made from Injection Molding

In China, the injection mold industry has been thriving and it continues to do so. The country has developed to be the largest source of injection molds. China, as well as other countries who manufacture injection molds are also responsible for the tools that the medical industry uses to save lives.

Both medical and pharmaceutical industries benefit from these injection molds and with the increase in new technology in plastic injection molding, the tools necessary for the different specializations are turned into efficient products.

Here are some of the well-known medical instruments made from injection molding:

Medical Trays

One of the medical instrument that is made from injection molding in China is the medical tray. This comes in many colors and shapes that is more efficient than its steel counterpart because you can easily dispose of it after use.

It has an anti-corrosion property and is a cheaper alternative to metal trays. Injection molded medical trays do not require much maintenance too, properly cleaning and disinfecting it is the only requirement.

Surgical Equipment and Devices

Examples of this are syringes, insulin pens, IV tubes, catheters, inflatable splits etc. These products are made for one-time use and it can help prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. This is because you do not need to sterilize and re-use this kind of device.

A notable benefit of plastic is its utility to create a special antimicrobial touch surface that can prevent bacteria, and other microbes to infect the area. Antimicrobial plastic is also known to have a high level of effectiveness in killing bacteria which enables it to eliminate pathogens even when it is not regularly cleaned.

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Tissue Diagnostic Devices

The diagnostic devices are used to identify the cause of a certain medical phenomenon. The example of this category include magnetic resonance imaging apparatuses, temperature sensors or pacemakers.

The good thing about this injection molded product is that they leave much room for more innovations in the medical industry. This way, the tools are part of new technology and it will be notable in its part to save or maintain a patient’s life.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging or drug packaging pertains to the packages and the packaging that is used in pharmaceutical preparations. Drug packaging has a wide variety of packages and the common examples are blister packs, bottles, or timed dosing packets.

Each serve a different function and they are durable all thanks to plastic injection molding.

Specimen Containers

Specimen containers are mostly seen in the laboratory. It is used to collect and transport patient samples. This could also pertain to 24-hour urine containers that can help make 24-hour urine tests safer by featuring a high accurate scale.

The most common are empty fixative containers with a cap that is used for stool, blood or urine samples.

Key Takeaway

Injection molding in China caters to many different industries and it does a lot for the medical industry through the manufacturing of their instruments. The best part about this is that the high demand for medical instruments means that plastic injection molding is still an efficient process. It still is the best process to make industries more viable to their clients through the different injection molding processes.

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