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The Importance of Using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

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The era of Digital Marketing began in the last two decades and presently is in full force, and there are millions of Digital Marketers in the world and in order to outshine each other, they all have to prepare better digital marketing campaigns for the same niche.

Some integrate AdWords campaigns, some integrate some other thing, but there are a lot of things that still remain unchecked. and when someone is running an SEO campaign, they need to have more information than just this much.

They need to be aware of where from is the traffic coming, about when the robots crawled the website, about every tiny detail related to Google and their SEO campaign, because their campaign doesn’t involve money. and to get a good knowledge of what your SEO score is and how should you get better at what you are doing you need to understand how Google sees your website.

digital Technology Institute

And here comes Google Webmaster to the rescue. The name in itself is enough to make you understand that Google Webmaster is basically a tool using which you can very well become the masters of Google. There are a lot of things that Google Webmaster provides you with. Some of them are:


List of Internal Links

It is extremely important to know which all pages of yours have been linked to what pages. This helps you to keep a check on all the important keywords and pages you have linked, so as to increase the flow of robots from one page to another.


Adjustment of Crawl Rate (& Crawl Errors)

This tells you about how much time the bots took to crawl your website. You can know this about every page. The highs as well as the lows about what was the maximum time that bots required to crawl your website. Also knowing the crawl errors is very important so as to know every error because of which the Google bots are unable to crawl and index various pages of your website. Because, no matter how much you work, it is all a waste if the robots are unable to crawl your website.

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Keywords are yet another factor which comes to be extremely important when people are searching for your website, or rather what you have written about. Webmaster also helps you know about the Keywords that you should incorporate into your website, and all those, what your audience had written in their queries that made them land on your website. These are extremely important to know because if you know exactly where to strike, and which keywords to fight on, your website would definitely rank, or at least would be a step closer to the top.


Robots.txt and more Additional Features

Robots.txt is a set of commands that help you allow or disallow a lot many things related to robots. Along with this, many more advanced features are also there that can help you get a better SEO ranking.

Webmaster Tool also helps you know whether your website is infected with any kind of Malware. Knowing this can be a great help, this is so because you will be able to know if or if not your website is infected and what all do you need to do to resolve the issue.

All these are just a glimpse into the world of Webmaster tool. To know more about Webmaster tool or any other thing related to Digital Marketing, enrol at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and get trained by the very best Digital Marketers that India has to offer.

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