Do’s and Don’ts of Car Insurance


Car insurance matters, especially if you want to keep your hard-earned vehicle protected from the risks of everyday life.

Although your preferred car insurance company will take care of your needs in case of an unfortunately incident, you still need to be mindful of the entire process to avoid any inconvenience. Check out this guide to claims processing for vehicle insurance.

Remember these do’s and don’ts of car insurance and the only thing you have to worry about on the road is your driving.

Do a background check on the insurers you’re looking into

Wise shoppers always do an extensive research on the companies they might deal with. For starters, you can check if these companies are registered with the government. You should also try to find out about their previous dealings and read reviews from previous customers. You don’t want to put your money in an unreliable company, after all.

Don’t forget to compare insurance products from different companies

You may have found a trustworthy insurer, but your research shouldn’t end there. Compare their packages with competitors first before you even seal the deal. This will help you get maximum savings by finding out if another company offers the same policy at a cheaper rate.

Do a thorough review of your accomplished insurance application form

Before you submit a form—whether it’s a paper or online form—you must go over it carefully to see if there are any mistakes. Do this on areas that are especially hard to remember like engine number, plate number, and other details. These mistakes can cost you a lot if you let them slip unnoticed.

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Don’t underinsure your vehicle

Saving money on car insurance isn’t always about paying the lowest amount possible. If you skimp on your premium just so you can save money, you will end up shelling out more money in the futures for repairs, hospitalization, and in the worst-case scenario, the replacement of your vehicle.

Do take advantage of discounts

Who said you can’t ask an insurance companies for discounted rates? Sometimes, you can get a better deal from your preferred car insurance provider if you just ask them. Whether it’s a discount on cash payments or incentives for putting in anti-theft devices like GPS trackers or engine stoppers, ask them if and under what circumstances they can reduce your premium.

Don’t pay for unnecessary coverage

If your insurance salesman is pushing you to get additional coverage for your vehicle, you might want to step back a bit. Additional coverage can be good if you’re dealing with other risks, but you have to make sure that you really need it. For instance, if you’re being pushed to get acts of nature coverage and you don’t live in a flood-prone area, you might want to opt out of the add-ons.

Do always know the process for filling car insurance claims

By being aware of the procedures, who to contact and what documentation to collate and present, you can insure a fast and easy claims process.

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